“Drag out the gimp”: Putin rebuked the regions for small additional payments to the doctors

“Drag out the gimp”: Putin rebuked the regions for small additional payments to the doctors

15 May 2020, 17:48SocietyPhoto: yandex.ru
Russian President Vladimir Putin reprimanded the heads of regions and the heads of hospitals for not fully communicating to the doctors the premiums promised to them in April.

Earlier, Putin promised to pay 80 thousand rubles a month to all doctors for working with patients with coronavirus, nurses and paramedics were supposed to receive 50 thousand rubles, and a further 25 thousand increase was expected by junior medical staff. For these purposes , 50 billion rubles were allocated from the budget, 27 billion of which should have already been received by doctors. However, the promised payments did not reach the Russian doctors. The medical assistant in Vladimir, for example, received a premium of as much as 259 rubles 41 kopecks, instead of the promised 50 thousand. Payments were not given to everyone and only for the actual time spent with a patient with coronavirus or with suspected new disease.

“It was clearly and clearly stated that this money should be paid for work with patients with coronavirus, and not for some hours and minutes spent with them. I named specific figures for the fact of work, and not for hours. What did I instruct to count the clock? " - said Putin. The president instructed all regions to report substantively on payments to doctors next week.

Earlier, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that far from all regions have made payments. Even those doctors who work in the regions with the highest number of cases did not receive an increase, and not one medical worker received an additional payment in two regions - in Chukotka and Magadan. The prosecutor’s office began a check.

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