Infectiologist: “The best protection against the virus is not masks, but fresh air and the sun”

Infectiologist: “The best protection against the virus is not masks, but fresh air and the sun”
Infectiologist: “The best protection against the virus is not masks, but fresh air and the sun”
15 May 2020, 14:43Society
The specialist insists that the fight against coronavirus is impossible without fresh air, sun and physical activity.

The Public Case-Record published the answers of the infectious disease specialist at one of Moscow's largest hospitals in Moscow to the questions related to the pandemic. Novye Izvestia cites the most interesting of these answers.

- Is it necessary to wear masks on the street?

- No, that doesn't make sense. Firstly, everything passes through the pores of the mask. Secondly, there can be no infection in the open air. The virus is less contagious than many other influenza viruses.

- Is it necessary to wear gloves in a store or in public places?

- No. Through healthy, undamaged skin, nothing gets anywhere. I often examine my patients without gloves. The skin is a protective barrier and nothing will pass through it.

- How soon will the vaccine appear?

- It doesn't matter. When it is complete, most of people will be already recovered after the illness and the collective immunity will work.

- How does self-isolation help?

- It does not really help. It will not help. On the street, as I said, you will not get infected. Unless the patient sneezes into your mouth. But at home, the body weakens. Without fresh air, sun, physical activity, immunity fails. When everyone goes out after a month at home, many will fall ill. But it normal. The dynamics are such that the more people who suffer the disease, the more easily it then occurs in others. And as a result, collective immunity is still building up.

If we talk about houses, it is easiest to get infected in elevators. In general, any enclosed, non-ventilated rooms.

I believe that self-isolation measures are not practical. And honestly, I don’t understand why everyone did this. Unless the metro can be closed. A strict quarantine should be carried out for patients, even if they have a temperature of 37.1.

- Could this be an artificially created virus, as a biological weapon?

- I doubt it. Such viruses do not pull on weapons, they are too weak. The only thing that could really be used as a weapon was smallpox. She is in Koltsovo. But this is also almost impossible. To use it, you need to instill your nation. And if the US starts mass vaccination, then everything will immediately become clear. Smallpox is only here in the United States.

So that a person does not suffer from anything, neither a rhinovirus, nor an adenovirus or a coronavirus, it is necessary to live in the village of Kukuyevo and so that there are no children around. Then, you’ll definitely not get anything sick.

We in the hospital and in the department do not quite understand why everything was so bloated. Everyone is taken in a row and queues are formed. From 37.3 and immediately to the infection. After all, this affects the psyche, and mental disorders in some become aggravated.

- What can be preventive measures?

- The most important thing is to strengthen your immunity. We need outdoor sports, it would be nice to harden, but at least do a contrast shower.

- How long will it last?

I think until the end of the heating season. Now when the temperature rises higher and it becomes completely warm, then all this will decline.

- Can I get infected again?

- Nobody knows for sure yet. With some viruses, yes, with others, no. I was ill in 1985 with the Russian flu, so immunity, for example, is still being held. Only three serotypes of COVID-19 are circulating in the world, you can get sick from anyone.

Why redesign conventional hospitals?

- This is the question of the incorrectly distributed finances. The fact is that for each identified patient with coronavirus, the hospital and the doctor, in particular, receive a good premium. Therefore, it turns out to be beneficial to remodel the usual departments for such patients. That, of course, should not be.

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