A regimental cannon that sank in 1941 was raised from the bottom of the Neva

A regimental cannon that sank in 1941 was raised from the bottom of the Neva

15 June 2020, 13:01SocietyPhoto: gorod-plus.tv
In the Kirov district of the Leningrad region, a cannon was raised from the bottom of the Neva, which sank during the the Red Army crossing in 1941. This is a 76 mm gun of the 1927 production year, which was discovered by search enthusiasts on May 20 as a result of a long search in the area of fighting.

"The regimental cannon in the Nevsky heel area was lifted by a floating crane with the involvement of divers. Restoration of the gun will take place at the Nevsky shipbuilding and ship repair plant in Shlisselburg", the Federation Council press service said in a statement.

It is reported that members of the Federation Council Lilia Gumereva, Igor Fomin, Andrey Kutepov and Dmitry Vasilenko took part in the ceremony of solemn lifting of the guns.

According to Dmitry Vasilenko, after the cannon has been restored, it will be installed on the open site of the diorama museum “Breaking the blockade of Leningrad” on behalf of Valentina Matvienko. "It is possible that it will be possible to organize a volley from her cannon at the grand opening", - said Vasilenko.

According to the TV channel "St. Petersburg", the gun is very well preserved and it will only need cosmetic restoration.

Search work was carried out by enthusiasts for a month and a half in the Neva, in the area of fighting on the Nevsky Piglet bridgehead.

In early March, a torpedo boat G-5 from the Great Patriotic War was lifted from the bottom of the sea in Crimea. He was found at the exit from Quarantine Bay, where a brigade of torpedo boats was based during the 250-day defense of Sevastopol. The G-5 was a project of Soviet planing torpedo boats, created in the 1930s.

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