Project "Monsters, get out of the playroom!" received public support

Project "Monsters, get out of the playroom!" received public support
Project "Monsters, get out of the playroom!" received public support
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In early June, our website published my article “Project “Monsters, get out of the playroom!”: A Novye Izvestia Reporter Cured Haggy Waggi”, dedicated to the fight against destructive and corrupting images in the field of childhood, it was about ugly and vulgar toys and nightmare cartoons.

Maria Dubinskaya

The article received a great response. Together with the All-Russian Union of Parents "Together", which supported this initiative, we are now preparing a number of specific proposals and requirements for the authorities, and are also working on ideas for various thematic actions.

Since the publication of the publication, the number of subscribers of my telegram channel has been growing, among them there are psychologists, teachers, doctors. In short: parents are shocked and horrified by the number of monsters that have occupied the shelves of children's stores and TV screens, and do not know how to effectively protect children from this muck, because it has flooded life and the entire information field - and, one way or another, affects child, regardless of the efforts of the family.

People are perplexed and indignant: why is nothing being done in this direction at the state level? Why, as they say, “all the monsters are visiting us”, why is this actively picked up and replicated? A colossal desire has matured in society to finally do something about this, because the situation has gotten out of control and has long ceased to be harmless for our children.

В День защиты детей в Вологде провели праздник с Хагги-Вагги, персонажем, который пришёл из компьютерной игры, где убивает людей.

The Expert Council under the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children also reacted to the material.

A member of this Council, lawyer Yelena Viktorovna Chekan, said that the Novye Izvestia article was sent for familiarization to the participants of the meeting of the working group on information security of minors of the Public Council under the Commissioner for Human Rights under the President of the Russian Federation , which will be held on June 21 in the Public Chamber. Experts are going to touch on this topical issue; hopefully this will help open the prospects for relevant legislative initiatives in the future. I would very much like, while there is still time before the meeting, to consider the possibility of inviting a representative of the All-Russian Union of Parents "Together" as a participant.

Yelena Chekan also said that back in March of this year, as part of a meeting of the Expert Council under the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children, a representative of the All-Russian Association of Parents “Parental Otpor.rf” made a report on the demonization of sold toys and the need to protect children from this deformity.

Let me remind you: on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), all children's toys are subject to mandatory certification in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the Safety of Toys" (TR CU 008/2011), approved by the decision of the Customs Union Commission dated September 23, 2011 No. 798. Rospotrebnadzor told me about this in his answer, ignoring questions about the aesthetic and moral control of products for children. More details in the article .

“Certification for toys is an assessment in terms of physical safety for children. In the certification process, a sanitary and epidemiological examination, certification of conformity is carried out, but the psychological impact of the toy on the child's psyche is not taken into account. At the same time, tanatization in terms of children's toys can turn into numerous tragedies”, - Yelena Chekan emphasized.

Елена Викторовна Чекан, член Экспертного совета при Комитете Государственной Думы по вопросам семьи, женщин и детей.

Yelena Viktorovna Chekan has prepared for us a very important material on this topic:

“In recent years, the toy market in Russia has been influenced by “Western values”, it has been demonized, filled with the dead, monsters, vampires and other evil spirits. Children's stores sell various monsters, including huggy waggie, dolls in the form of dead women with green-bluish faces, facial scars and fangs instead of teeth.

Playing with such toys, our children from a very early age begin to absorb, on a subconscious level, all the horrors of the world around them.

But the game for children is the assimilation of the world and its integral semantic picture. The game and toys should carry a moral message, as well as teach the baby to clearly distinguish and understand where is good and where is evil.

In this aspect, the interests of children and the interests of Western, and even some Russian companies are directly opposite.

Taking care, first of all, of the sales volumes of its products, the American corporation "Mattel Inc" (Headquarters - in El Segundo, California ) releasing a series of Monster High dolls ( Monster High, Ever After High) positions its dolls as follows: "The characters in this series are inspired by horror films and classic monster stories, which makes Monster High stand out from a number of other fashion dolls... Most of the characters in the series are associated with the images of famous monsters , such as Dracula, Frankenstein's Beast, Werewolf, Mummy, Phantom of the Opera, Banshee, etc”. (

How these monster dolls will influence the worldview of children, their psyche and the formation of moral values, toy manufacturers do not care at all . For them, children are a specific market for their products.

Ennobling freaks-non-humans, romanticizing death and giving the dead an attractive sexual image, manufacturers of "children's products" provide an "inversion of values", when zombies and monsters turn from negative images into positive characters due to a change in the visual picture and substitution of concepts, and sexual outfits on the dead with scars distort the normal view of the world and beauty.

But the consequences of constant communication of children with such “toys”, supported by cartoons, comic books, computer games (which the manufacturers of these toys also take care of), can be the saddest.

Correctional teacher with many years of experience Anastasia Dubrova, who worked in kindergartens, draws attention to the following:

"Dead Romance" can lead to seeking graveyard adventures, especially during adolescence. Again, having seen enough of the pretty dead dolls, children may be interested: do the dead really look like this? ... The curiosity of adolescents can lead them to experiments like “what will I look like when I die?”. And woe to a child if he has a company of such inquisitive friends! You may have heard these horror stories about teenagers committing suicide or helping each other. Have you ever seen children play "dead"? For a child, the game is a method of perception and assimilation of everything new.

Everything that the child is really interested in, he passes through the game. Therefore, do not be surprised if your little Monster High doll lover starts making a coffin out of boxes or chairs and lies there. I can assure you: your nerves will tremble quite noticeably ... Monster dolls lay in the child's psyche the possibility of suicide and a careless attitude to deadly situations.

Monsters High dolls teach our girls to be vulgar from a very early age, set them up in advance to demonstrate their sexuality... bring up aggression in children. Scars, ugly seams, tattoos, piercings - all this is absorbed by the child through the doll as a norm, as a model of beauty. Your girl, when she reaches adolescence, may begin to "decorate" herself in a similar way .

The great Russian teacher K. D. Ushinsky pointed out that the toy helps to reflect the impressions of real life in the game, gives rise to active creative activity, and contributes to the development of the imagination.

From what impressions will be reflected in the game of the child, how and what toys will be used in it, the character and direction of human development will be formed.

If a child in the game learns to behave humanely, mercifully, caringly, then he will also form a certain model of how to act in life. And vice versa, if in the game the child is forced to be aggressive, rude, cruel, this will definitely reproduce itself sometime in this or that situation.

It is worth noting that the cult of such “toys”, which we have seen recently, causes discord in families, since responsible parents, understanding what moral and psychological trauma their child receives while playing with monster dolls, try to isolate their children from such kind of occupation. At the same time, children do not understand why their parents do not buy them "famous monsters" (in the terminology of Mattel Inc.), although their peers already have a whole set of them.

The other day a woman from the city of Sevastopol contacted me, whose son graduated from the 4th grade. In honor of the end of the elementary school, the parent committee organized a holiday for the children, and a fashionable life-size puppet, the monster Huggi Waggi, was chosen as the host. The woman who contacted me was outraged by the chosen character and tried to convey to her parents that "such a hero is not a hero," since the creators of the toy position him as a "killer monster." As a result, a woman with a child was denied access to the holiday.

Unfortunately, in solving the problem of the impact of games with monster dolls on the psyche of children, the process of forming their moral and ethical values, the state does not take proper part.

A paradoxical situation is emerging when, at the legislative level, we, in Russia, prohibit the propaganda of violence, depravity and other “Western values” in the media, printed materials, Internet publications, etc., but the widespread distribution of monster dolls, dolls -killers, dead puppets who promote violence, the cult of death, etc. in a veiled playful form.

At the same time, the influence of such “toys” on the fragile psyche of Russian children and the formation of their value orientations is much more serious, since it occurs at a subconscious level.

For a comprehensive solution to this problem, it is necessary to unite the efforts of the parent community, specialists in the field of child psychology, the medical and teaching communities of the Russian Federation, cultural figures and legislators of the Russian Federation.

A certain contribution to the solution of the problem described above can be made by a change in the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of toys" (TR TS 008/2011), approved by the Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union of September 23, 2011. No. 798, which provides for the certification of all toys imported into the territory of the Russian Federation in terms of their sanitary and epidemiological safety, without taking into account the impact of these toys on the mental health of children.

It is necessary to ensure that children's toys, cartoons, books form bright images in our children from an early age, instill feelings of care, responsibility, friendship and mutual assistance.

It is necessary to put into practice the well-known expression "CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE". Otherwise, soon we will have "children of Huggy Waggi".

Омбудсмен по правам детей Ольга Владимировна Ярославская.

Also the project "Monsters, get out of the playroom!!" supported by the Ombudsman for Children's Rights in Moscow Olga Yaroslavskaya. Here is what she wrote on her social media:

“A very important topic. I support! Moscow journalist Maria Dubinskaya came up with the project “Monsters, get out of the playroom!”. It is dedicated to the fight against the images of evil in everything related to the sphere of childhood; First of all, we are talking about modern toys and cartoons. I think that everyone can immediately give such a “negative” example, since there is really a lot around this.

But, you know, as they say, there is no silver lining! Thanks to all these "characters" for teaching us to see and understand what is what; for awakening in us a craving for the native. We kept running, running like a squirrel in a wheel, chewing all this “gum”, and didn’t think much ... We were like, you know, as if half-relaxed, sleepy ... But look how many people are really waking up now, what kind of the rise of patriotism, awareness of the beauty and value of their culture. After all, we lived for a long time, as if constantly apologizing for something ... Being Russian is finally becoming fashionable. Russian self makes itself felt.

We must realize that our children must be brought up, first of all, on our richest traditions. It is very important. Parents, please hear: it is necessary not to miss the time when the child is interested in fairy tales, and to have time to open this wonderful world to him.

Fairy tales are not only a real storehouse of wisdom of our people, fairy tales awaken the best moral qualities. Progress is progress, but the original, what has passed through the centuries, cannot be underestimated.

It's time to remember your own and create your own. I am sure that now, on this wave, we will see new wonderful works for our children and youth in all directions.

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