Children instead of dogs! An official from Tatarstan urged not to take animals from shelters

Children instead of dogs! An official from Tatarstan urged not to take animals from shelters
Children instead of dogs! An official from Tatarstan urged not to take animals from shelters
15 September, 09:09SocietyPhoto: Соцсети
The Children's Ombudsman of Tatarstan has seriously decided that Russians care about homeless animals only in order not to have children.

Children's Ombudsman of Tatarstan Irina Volynets was outraged by social advertising calling for taking pets from shelters. In her opinion, “veiled childfree propaganda” is hidden in it, according to the Rastriga channel.

Volynets believes that calls for people to adopt homeless dogs and cats threaten the "demographic security of the country." She explains this by the fact that young families who have a pet no longer want to have children. “I don’t understand why time is wasted advertising that animals need to be adopted from a shelter. But at the same time, we do not see posters depicting a happy large family, where it is written that the family is the best place in the world, ”Volynets quotes the Kazan portal 116.RU.

However, the official does not oppose animals at all, but only believes that only those people who already have children should start them. She cites her family as an example, she and her husband have four children, for whom they have a dog, a cat, a bird and a rat. Animals, after all, she believes, help to educate children in mercy and the ability to take care not only of themselves.

Humanity should not breed like mold!

However, this information did not cool the ardor of the commentators of this publication. They attacked Volynets with harsh and, in many respects, fair criticism:

- Please explain to this lady that animals are not taken in exchange for children! If people do not have children, then perhaps they are simply afraid to have them for a number of reasons: there is no money for a decent childhood for a child, the uncertain future of the country, constant crises in the economy, which does not give an increase in salaries, for example. And many more reasons. And the child wants to give the best, and most importantly, a sense of security. Animals have nothing to do with it.

- In our country, the demographic problem is overpopulated cities and depressive regions that are emptying, from where people are fleeing. How will fruit propaganda help solve this problem? Moreover, why do we need this endless pursuit of population growth?

Large families made sense in the past, when medicine was at such a level that most of those born did not live to adulthood, and adults often died quite early. But working hands were required and very much. Now more and more tasks are being automated, despite the fact that life expectancy has greatly increased. And for such Irins, the big question is, why should we produce a wild number of ever new mouths? For example, did she not think about where to put the waste products of the already living? And the garbage problem is already very acute. Or should mankind necessarily breed like mold, devour all resources, pollute the entire territory and die?

- Let me remind you that Volynets is the woman who starred in the transfer of Nikolai Fomenko "Empire of Passion", where she undressed to her underwear and showed her bare chest. And she will still teach someone something. Funny.

You need to think about people, then they will give birth!

And of course, the readers explained to the official why the Russians do not want to have children. And it's not about the animals at all.

- Does Irina Volynets know how many children from orphanages receive higher education? Not at all! Where do children come from in orphanages with living parents? From there, that such "smart" ladies repeat: "Give birth, give birth, give birth." There is no work, no housing, but you give birth!

- Explain to the lady that no one bothers her to hang banners with happy families on the streets of the city. Do not cross out the work of volunteers who were able to do this in relation to animals, but tear one place away from your soft leather chair in a cozy office, go and do it.

Children need to live with animals. And it's time for our officials to stop toiling about people with garbage, you need to think, then we will give birth. There is no stability and prospects.

- Ms. Volynets, take care of the children who have already been born. Help small invalids, children of alcoholics and drug addicts. Adults will figure out how to live. Yes, how much baby food can you buy with minimum wage? What if after paying the utility bill?

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