"Sovremennik" theater urged "not to go to extremes of the judgment" in connection with Yefremov's accident

"Sovremennik" theater urged "not to go to extremes of the judgment" in connection with Yefremov's accident

16 June 2020, 10:49SocietyPhoto: yandex.ru
Moscow Sovremennik Theater has published a collective attitude to a fatal accident, the culprit of which was actor Mikhail Yefremov. Up to this point, the theater did not comment on the accident.

- Friends! Our silence was caused by the shock and an attempt to comprehend what happened to one of the closest people of Sovremennik - Mikhail Yefremov. He has always has been and remains an integral part of the theater. What happened is a huge tragedy, our common pain that cannot be expressed, the statement said.

The theater staff also conveyed their condolences to the family of the deceased Sergei Zakharov and expressed hope that "his family will have the strength and courage to survive the loss and preserve a bright memory of him".

“We also wish peace of mind to Mikhail Yefremov and his family”, - the report said.

Yefremov’s colleagues urge “to remain magnanimous, not to go to extremes of condemnation”:

“The tragedy happened, and turning back the clock will fail, no matter how much one wants”. You cannot become judges, stigmatize or, conversely, justify. However, it is very important at all costs not to give aggression, negative energy to grow. Mercy is the greatest gift. Today, each of us needs it.

Journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov criticized the statement of the theater staff.

“It would be better if they continued to be silent”, Soloviyov wrote in his Telegram.

Let us recall that the accident with the participation of Mikhail Yefremov occurred on June 8 in the center of Moscow. His car drove into the oncoming lane, where he crashed into a van of a delivery store. The driver of the van died from hospital injuries.

Traces of alcohol and drugs were found in the actor’s blood. Now he is under house arrest.

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