Deceived and humiliated. Moscow does not want to pay compensation to the old people from Terekhovo

Deceived and humiliated. Moscow does not want to pay compensation to the old people from Terekhovo
Deceived and humiliated. Moscow does not want to pay compensation to the old people from Terekhovo
16 July 2020, 16:33Society
They want to evict the last inhabitants of the village of Terekhovo, 86-year-old Nikolay Bogachyov and his 69-year-old sister, Valentina: they will build something on the spot. Everyone, except for them, has already been paid compensation: 16 to someone, 30 to someone, and 40 million rubles to someone.

They are offered to take 1.6 million rubles for both and buzz off...

Oleg Goryunov

Дом Николай Федорович построил своими руками в 1959 году

After 24 years, the village of Terekhovo should have turned 400 years old, but last year Moscow decided that in its place there would be a transport and interchange hub and metro station. Of the 120 houses, only one remained here - this is the house in which Nikolay Fyodorovich Bogachyov and his sister Valentina live with two sons.

The land plot (25 acres) was inherited from their father, Fedor Vasilyevich.

“My dad received this land from his father, who bought this land from the collective farm in the 1920s - that is, 100 years ago. My grandfather Vasily, I no longer remember his middle name, gave the farm a horse and a cow - for those times - huge “money”, - Nikolay Bogachyov said in an interview with NI.

Grandfather Nikolay Fyodorovich went through the First World War, and returned home - to Terekhovo, his father - went through the Finnish War, and then the Great Patriotic War, was a sapper, but did not make a single mistake...

"My father was covered with the scars, he was fighting for Russian land, like his father was my grandfather, and if they would know that we’re not only driven from this land, but don’t even want to agree on compensation with us, what would they say, what would they do, what do you think? They are now probably turning over in a coffin!", - Nikolay Bogachyov is indignant.

According to Nikolay Fyodorovich, cunning guys who never lived in the village of Terekhovo, apparently having learned in advance about the construction plans and upcoming compensation payments, have actively bought 6 hundred square meters of land from the locals in the past two years, built hastily houses in which and did not live at all, and then received compensation: "someone 40, and one even 100 million rubles!"

Valentina Fyodorovna says that the plot always fed them:

Помидорчики, огурчики
Малинка, - все свое
Мастерская Николая Федоровича

- We had 6 greenhouses, and a garden — potatoes, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, currants, raspberries, gooseberries, and a garden. And this year everything is already falling as they planted before - not today, so tomorrow they will evict us, we have a neighbor here, granny and the OMON detachment were evicted, evicted. And the neighbor across the road, when television was still coming to us, said he would take two gas cans and burn himself if they did not pay compensation, so he received 10 million last year.

Once on the site of the last inhabitants of the now former village of Terekhovo, you plunge into the atmosphere of the 60s: remember the scenes at the cottage from the movie "Moscow does not trust the tears?" - "here I planted a currant, and here I am doing metalworks"...

Moscow does not believe in the tears of the Bogachyov family that it is their land - it does not believe that compensation is due to them - it does not want to know, and the courts too.

Олег, сын Валентины Федоровны прожил в Терехово 46 лет, здесь он родился и вырос
Сноха Валентины Федоровны помогает "по огороду"

"My neighbor had exactly the same documents as ours, but the judge awarded her 30 million compensation - everything depends on the judge. How can this be? There should be one law for everyone", - says Valentina Fyodorovna.

Talk that the village of Terekhovo will be demolished appeared back in the 80s. Under Luzhkov, they planned to build an amusement park, the domestic Disney Land. When Sobyanin - metro and transport hub...

Стройка идет уже у самого забора семьи Богачевых

It is noteworthy that the lawyers of the Moscow government were able to cope with the special status of this land - in 2011, the Mnevnikovskaya floodplain was given the status of "Natural Park", its ecosystem contained many species of animals and plants included in the Moscow Red Book.

В 2016-ом году правительство Москвы "поставило крест" на деревне Терехово
Подписал смертный приговор 350-летней деревне С.С.Собянин

What happened to the special status of the earth?

In 2020, the demolition of the village began, by mid-February there were only 8 houses left in it. According to the characteristics of the Moscow City Duma deputy Yekaterina Yengalycheva, “methods beyond understanding” were used: with the participation of the 2nd Moscow police regiment, a resident of the village was taken out of the house against her will and destroyed the building before her eyes, not allowing time to take personal things and a cat . At the time of demolition, the pensioner was not provided with new housing, offering a room in a shelter for the homeless.

Морозильная камера в холодильнике Николая Богачева забита лекарствами...

We, of course, are afraid that they will do the same with us - we witnessed how they pulled her out in the rubber boots in the winter, didn’t even allow her to wear socks, and immediately began to demolish her house with a bulldozer. I personally will lie under a bulldozer if they come to us", - promises 86-year-old Nikolay Bogachyov.

Награды Н.Богачева
Награда отца Н.Богачева - Орден Отечественной войны II степени
Награда отца Н.Богачева - Медаль за отвагу
Боевой путь Федора Богачева - героя ВОВ, отца Николая Федоровича
Учетная карточка рядового Ф.В.Богачева

Of his 86 years, the son of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, he worked at the State Space Research and Production Center named after M.V. Khrunichev, 20 years old and 49 years old at the Institute of Biomedical Problems, is one of the training centers for our cosmonauts. He only went to retire 2 years ago - at 84, he said they didn’t want to let him go, but "I told them: I can’t take it anymore - old, I don’t have any more strength".

Отец, мать , Николай Фёдорович Богачевы на своем участке в д. Терехово
Мать и отец Николая Федоровича и сестра Валентина

The hero of the Great Patriotic War - the sapper of the 43rd Army of the 1st Baltic Front - Fyodor Vasilyevich Bogachyov in his life did not look at all heroic:

Посередине - отец Николая Федоровича. Деревня Терехово

In the family archive of the Bogachyovs, only three photographs of the Great Patriotic War veteran - Fyodor Vasilyevich Bogachyov - were preserved. They did not live well, and rarely took pictures.

Перед Валентиной - сестрой Федора Николаевича лежит папка - это счета за электричество

Having bought the land from the Pioneer collective farm in 1920, the Bogachev family for 63 years regularly paid the state for the land, and still pays for electricity.

The Bogachyovs retained both documents for the house and for the land plot, but the Moscow authorities and courts did not want to recognize their right to receive just compensation.

Решение Тверского суда г. Москвы об отказе в компенсации

"The collective farm lands under Luzhkov were bought by his wife, and Mrs. Baturina, unlike us, paid 400 million rubles in compensation. Part of our collective farm was bought by a fugitive State Duma deputy Voronenkov, he also received compensation. Both of them ran away from the country, and we still sitting on the ground, cultivating it, so why are we not entitled to compensation? " , - asked the correspondent of NI Nikolay Fyodorovich.

Дом, в котором до сих пор живут 6 членов семьи Богачевых давно вывели из жилого фонда Москвы

From a conversation with Nikolai Fyodorovich's lawyer, Yelena Stepanova, it became clear that in 1998 he and his sister Valentina received compensation from their Moscow government in the form of three-room and two-room apartments. However, according to the then legislation, the land plot was not relied on for money, as it is now, but on the land plot. Neither the son of the WWII veteran, nor his daughter received any plots. The officials changed the legislation “like gloves”, but Nikolai Bogachev was simply not included in the lists of those who should receive monetary compensation - they probably forgot. His sister was included, but he is not, therefore, the court offers a 69-year-old woman and offers for her half (12 hundredths - approx. The author of the article) - 1.6 million rubles (not the market value - approx. The author of the article), and to him - zero whole, zero tenths...

За 15 соток реальная рыночная цена сегодня в районе деревни Терехово - 120 млн. рублей, Богачевы владеют 25 сотками...

The very last residents of the last village in Moscow themselves believe that it will be fair if the Moscow government pays them 50 million rubles for two.


The revenue side of Moscow’s budget in 2020 is 2 trillion 798 billion rubles.

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