"He is a disgrace of our nation!" Alla Gerber is shocked by Solovyov's words about Hitler, and she is not alone

"He is a disgrace of our nation!" Alla Gerber is shocked by Solovyov's words about Hitler, and she is not alone
"He is a disgrace of our nation!" Alla Gerber is shocked by Solovyov's words about Hitler, and she is not alone
17 February 2021, 19:01Society
The telepropagandist who called Hitler a brave and valiant warrior caused a scandal on social networks, and not only.

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, the well-known TV propagandist Solovyov, comparing opposition leader Navalny with Hitler on the air on Rossiya 1, put it literally as follows: “Hitler was an extremely brave man. Unlike the codpiecefuehrer (Alexey Navalny - ed.), He did not mow away from the army. He fought and fought valiantly during the First World War.

Earlier Solovyov made a film about the leader of fascist Italy Benito Mussolini.

This assessment of Hitler by Solovyov, as expected, caused outrage on social networks, whose users not only saw in the words of the TV presenter a criminal article for justifying Nazism, but also tried to explain this behavior of the propagandist:

So, analyst Yegor Sedov believes that such a turn of Solovyov's thought was inevitable:

“With Solovyov, everything is very simple.

If you are a supporter of the so-called. "conservative" (in fact, no) totalitarianism, then sooner or later you will come to Hitlerism.

If you are a supporter of "progressive" (not to be confused with progressiveness) totalitarianism, then sooner or later you will become an adherent of Lenin.

It hardly happens otherwise.

Although, of course, now it will be very difficult to prove that it is Navalny who treats veterans badly, and not those who water Navalny from all the TV clocks.

By the way, what does Mr. Yavlinsky think about Solovyov - after all, whose philosophy is National Socialism?"

Sociologist Aleksey Zakharov saw in these words unmistakable signs of Russian revanchism:

“To what Vladimir Solovyov said about Hitler.

Fascisms of various versions prioritize the idea of national revenge, revenge for an insult. For example, here is what two Soviet generals wrote when they visited Germany in 1926:

“The Reichswehr, in general, and the General Staff, in particular, have an extremely negative attitude towards the existing democratic-parliamentary system, led by the Social Democratic Party..., but also in broad petty bourgeois strata.

The inevitability of revenge is obvious. Everything shows that revenge is the dream of the German General Staff, which is supported by the extreme right-wing fascist groups in Germany. The establishment of a dictatorship and the reduction of the parliamentary system to naught is considered a prerequisite for the successful conduct of a war. However, it should be noted that the monarchist idea has a relatively limited number of supporters. Therefore, a reaction is possible not in the direction of the monarchy, but in the direction of fascism".

Fascisms despise law and admire "power" (I specially put this word in quotation marks - admiration for power is a special emotion experienced when a person contemplates power). They despise "weakness" seen as a violation of natural subordination (hence the painful fixation on sexual minorities). They are conspiratorial and deify tradition. These and other features of fascism are well described (for example, by the writer and philosopher Umbetro Eco).

Many of these features, alas, are inherent in our ideology, built on revenge and resistance to modernity. Therefore, I am not surprised that the leading propagandist of Russian TV openly admires Hitler (or at least speaks about him with approval)..."

And Alla Gerber, President of the Holocaust Foundation, went even further, calling TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov "a disgrace of the Jewish nation":

“He's crazy and dangerous. Such people are unpredictable, they can say, do, hit, humiliate anything they want. It took a very long time to think, for years, probably, in order to come to such a lofty discovery - to compare the oppositionist, a man who is fighting for democracy, with Hitler. You have to be a madman and a very bad person.

To call Hitler a brave man - we must boldly call Solovyov a scoundrel. Once, when Solovyov was more or less like a man, he came up to me and said: "Allochka, but you know, I am a Jew". I told him that he is a disgrace to our nation. Now I repeat this: he is not only a disgrace to my nation, he is a disgrace to all our people, to any decent community. I'm just in a fury".

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