Federal Tax Service decided to monitor family incomes

Federal Tax Service decided to monitor family incomes
Federal Tax Service decided to monitor family incomes
17 April 2020, 10:29SocietyPhoto: zen.yandex.ru
The incomes of Russian families can be determined on the basis of the information from a single united register of data on citizens of the Russian Federation.

Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service Vitaliy Kolesnikov said that "it will be possible to calculate the income of the family, the average per capita income, to put any controls, any thresholds".

The State Duma is discussing the development of a special register in which data on incomes of Russians will be entered. This was reported by Interfax, referring to the deputy head of the Federal Tax Service (FTS) Vitaly Kolesnikov.

He believes that today the country lacks a “normal objective counting concept of family and household”. If you collect data in a single register, Kolesnikov thinks, this situation will be corrected.

“It will be possible to calculate family income, per capita incomes, put any controls, any thresholds and render the assistance that will be needed in this particular case to the government and president,” Kolesnikov suggested.

The creation of such a register was discussed by the committee on information policy, information technology and communications. It is assumed that the register will include data on the income of Russians and citizens temporarily entering the territory of the Russian Federation. The database will contain the surname, name and patronymic of the citizen, his gender, age, details of identity documents, information about his marital status and family ties.

The bill was passed last September in first reading. On Thursday, the committee recommended it for a second reading. The document may enter into force on January 1, 2022. Separate deadlines are set for some provisions in the document.

Committee Chairman Alexander Hinshtein considers this project relevant especially in a pandemic.

- The law is extremely relevant in the context of coronavirus infection. We all saw how the regions faced the problem of fixing citizens who came to the territory from other countries, including with a negative epidemiological background, ”Hinshtein noted.

Earlier tax authorities began to request bank documents from customers.

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