Irina Khakamada: "I am in my homeland, and this gives me the energy to experience all the times together with Russia"

Irina Khakamada: "I am in my homeland, and this gives me the energy to experience all the times together with Russia"

Irina Khakamada: "I am in my homeland, and this gives me the energy to experience all the times together with Russia"

17 May, 16:33
Photo: youtube
Irina Khakamada spoke on RTVI about how she feels about the fact that Western business is leaving the country, and also explained why she decided not to leave Russia.

“The aggression on the part of the Western world has reached truly appalling proportions and has nothing to do with democracy and peace.

If companies that make food for children, sanitary materials leave the market... Reorientation is not so easy. And China is starting to play its game - "for big money", that is, children, nursing mothers, and so on suffer.

Or, for example, now companies that dealt with disabled children, including my Masha, are experiencing terrible difficulties with the material, and with everything in the world, and with access to online sales, because all this is very difficult and nothing it turns out.

Sick people who cannot live at all without certain medicines, for which Russian pharmaceuticals have not yet made substitutes, can die at any moment.

Food is okay, Lord, we will grow ourselves. But there are key vital points. And kill those dots...

It has nothing to do with power, it's camaraderie.

For example, when a chess portal is closed on the Internet, where young people from all over the world communicate and play chess, what does the Kremlin have to do with it?

Or, when Netflix shuts down and Russians don’t watch films, well, the Kremlin has something to do with it, they didn’t watch it anyway, they don’t care about all this in general, all this culture. That is, they begin to kill the culture. Or when they kill Russian culture... But I don't understand all this.

In my opinion, the Prime Minister of Austria said correctly - in this situation, no one will become winners. Because nobody carries the real world.

Western companies obey orders from above. This is unprofitable for business, this is again power. This market was wildly profitable for them (Russian - approx. "NI").

Every day we must remember: this one second has passed - and it will not return. Therefore, the first thing to be in good condition is to make a decision - are you staying here or leaving? This is the main thing.

If you stay here, then you need to live in the present, and take only the information that allows you to solve your business and material problems today, at the moment. Not trying to paint some future. And, most importantly, which is very difficult - forgetting about the past.

But all this also needs to be done very pragmatically: today I get pleasure there, I can do it and I feel good with friends, but at the same time I need to either stay at work, or find another job, or reorient the business. And I take from the market only the information that allows me to do all this under the new conditions. I don't think any further. That is if I decide to stay.

If I decide to leave, then I have to ask myself: for how long, what will I do there, how much money will I live there, how comfortable will I be there in terms of atmosphere than here? And after that, make a decision.

I decided to stay here, and every day I solve a lot of problems.

It's such a tough fight because all the rules change. And when I overcome it and reach the goal, I am happy. And so I am calm, because I have made a decision.

I can also go on vacation, somewhere in Dubai, like everyone else... But my place is here.

Because I don’t want to be a person who will be told in the back: “Come in large numbers here!”

Because I made my name here in Russia. Because I have not been in politics for 15 years, but all the people who stay here, until the age of 35, all ask me to stay here, because I help them a lot.

And not with radical slogans, not with arguments about who is an enemy and who is a friend, but by going in peace to people - I help them. And I like it and I get it. I am here in my place.

I am with my country, I am in my homeland, and this gives me the energy to experience all times with her, including the worst ones.

The entire interview with Irina Khakamada can be viewed here.

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