MTS Bank customers started to complain about the theft of money

MTS Bank customers started to complain about the theft of money
MTS Bank customers started to complain about the theft of money
17 June 2020, 13:26SocietyPhoto:
MTS Bank clients began to complain about the theft of funds from their accounts, which are mainly tied to the credit cards.

This was reported on the forum.

The MTS Bank said that there were several people with a problem with them, RBC reports. In response to the request of the publication to confirm the information about the theft reports in the bank, they said that it was not true.

- Any credit institution, including MTS-bank, in case of detection of fraudulent attempts to seize the funds of the client immediately carries out a thorough check, - said the representative of the bank.

Note that back in May, MTS Bank customers complained about the forced change of passwords for entering the mobile application. Users began to receive SMS with a new password without warning, although some customers could not enter their personal account using the new password. The bank explained this with planned measures to improve the security of the online service. Now the bank says that the change of passwords and complaints of theft are not related.

11 MTS Bank customers told RBC that in total over 1.8 million rubles were illegally debited from their accounts. Most of the thefts occurred according to the scheme, when the fraudsters first blocked the client’s mobile number, then they changed the client’s number to their own in the bank, thus gaining access to online banking, and transferred money.

- Looking through my stories in the personal accounts of MTS and MTS Bank, I found out that the service “Voluntary Number Blocking” was connected to me on 06/04/2020 at 22:55. And all fraudulent transactions were carried out on 5.06.2020 from 02:20 to 02:50, one of the victims said.

At the same time, the bank claims that there have been no complaints about the service during the last month.

Recall that earlier banks asked the Central Bank for permission to block suspicious money transfers.

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