Expert: Russia has passed the peak of coronavirus incidence

Expert: Russia has passed the peak of coronavirus incidence
Expert: Russia has passed the peak of coronavirus incidence
17 July 2020, 09:06SocietyPhoto:
According to official statistics, all Russian regions have passed the peak incidence of new coronavirus infection and are at the stage of extinction of the epidemic.

This was reported to RIA Novosti by the expert on statistics and modeling of the Center for Economic Research Agassi Tavadyan.

"It can be said that the peak has been reached in all regions of Russia, but it is impossible to talk about the rapid extinction of the epidemic. In different regions, things are different", - the expert said.

He explained that the most noticeable decrease in the incidence is observed in the Magadan Region, Moscow Region, the Tver, Bryansk and Kursk Regions and Trans-Baikal, as well as in Dagestan and Chechnya.

Slower the disease recedes in Novgorod, Lipetsk, Ryazan, Rostov and Tambov regions, in Kabardino-Balkaria, Ingushetia and Moscow.

In a number of regions, the epidemic is just about to die out. These include the Kaliningrad region, Astrakhan and Kostroma regions. The peak of the pandemic in Buryatia, St. Petersburg, the Khabarovsk Territory and the Kuban just ended. According to Tavadyan, the situation in these regions is satisfactory.

Meanwhile, Norilsk Mayor Rinat Akhmetchin accused the regional authorities of underestimating the official figures for coronavirus. He wrote a letter to the head of the region, Alexander Us, and the chairman of the Legislative Assembly, Dmitry Sidorov.

Moreover, in Khabarovsk, up to 90% of places in specialized “covid-19" hospitals are occupied with sick people. Specialists in the region expect the second wave of the epidemic.

"The second wave will be. How strong she will be, time will tell. If we do not take action, it will certainly be stronger and more dangerous. For example, like seasonal infections, the same flu. When the sun begins to shine for a long time, the flu hides, but remains in the population. The sun does not influence on covid-19 like I personally expected as well. Honestly, I thought it would be leaving by May, but we see that it does not happen", - said Aleksey Nikolayev, head of the infectious ward of the children's kovidny hospital in Khabarovsk.

Let us recall that to date in Russia, 752,797 cases of new coronavirus infection have been identified. As of July 16, 6,428 new cases were recorded.

531 692 patients recovered. 11 937 people died.

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