"Parents of Russia": Officials demonstrate the height of hypocrisy regarding the distance education

"Parents of Russia": Officials demonstrate the height of hypocrisy regarding the distance education

"Parents of Russia": Officials demonstrate the height of hypocrisy regarding the distance education

17 December 2020, 16:15
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“Who would have thought that the time would come when children would not be allowed to go to school! This is a reality that you don’t want to believe in!”, “Many parents still don’t understand what’s happening, turn on your brains!”, “All this is genocide of the people through the stupefaction of our children!”.

This is what they write in the comments to the release on the Stalingrad TV channel on the YouTube channel with the participation of Arina and Anastasia, the organizers of the Parents of Russia movement. Active parents continue to fight against the introduction of distance learning in schools. People demand to return the children to their desks and began to unite in groups. In particular, the first trade union of parents and teachers appeared in Moscow.

Representatives of "Parents of Russia" are now and then invited to various round tables - to the Moscow State Duma, the State Duma, and so on, but the participants in the movement do not see any sense in this: sheer chatter and a waste of time.


Anastasia, "Parents of Russia":

“What is the point of addressing people who themselves voted for the adoption of all those laws with which they are now allegedly outraged?

Let's take parliamentarians. They themselves have already voted to introduce e-learning and distance technologies into the education law. It's already there.

The recent draft law on the delimitation of powers between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education and Science, which was withdrawn from consideration - it was postponed - it was already, for a minute, was to be considered in the second reading. That is, the State Duma adopted it already in the first reading.

And suddenly, unexpectedly, Vyacheslav Volodin (Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation - noted by Novye Izvestia) begins to be indignant: how is it, we have the public here, parents are against where you were looking, you should immediately consult, consult with experts!

Where have you all been before? This amazement that he now had, it is actually outrageous.

This is just the height of hypocrisy. The actor is wonderful, they all have many years of "experience", so we understand everything perfectly.

Again, recently, the head of government signed on December 7, against the backdrop of the indignation of the parental community, against the background of the words of the same Volodin, a decree to conduct an experiment in several regions - it is not yet clear how they will be selected - to introduce a digital educational environment.

That is, against the background of the fact that everyone is shouting that this is bad, that the results of the spring distant were terrible and destructive to health, the children just go out the windows - there have already been several suicidal cases - the head of government signs such a decree!

What does all this say? Why do we need to communicate with all these people?

In principle, of course, there are people in Russia who believe that the head of state is not aware of what is happening in the country. We have no such illusions. We have no opportunity to waste time on meaningless activities.

We will do real deeds.

There is a feeling that all these people are simply mastering the budget that was allocated for digitalization in the form of more than 700 billion rubles with leaps and bounds and they do not care deeply about the conclusions of experts and doctors.

There are two options: either these conclusions were not made - no one consulted either with the doctors or with anyone, and, accordingly, they simply decided to do so - and did; or they consulted, but simply ignored the opinion of experts. because the question is not really worked out.

After people began to go out en masse to single pickets, upstairs they defiantly grabbed their heads: how is it, you need to consult with the parental community, with the pedagogical community. Where have you been before?!


Arina, "Parents of Russia":

- We all have the right to choose. We are now being deprived of it.

There are parents of children who are afraid of getting sick, who are locked at home and doused with antiseptic - this is their right. The state gave them the opportunity to stay at home, work from home, study from home - please.

But there are people who want to go to schools, go to theaters, to sports clubs, circles, to be creative. We should be given this opportunity.

We must have a choice.

Why are we absolutely deprived of our foundations? All this is the right to choose any person.

There is no need to worry about our health. Do not. We will take care of ourselves and our children.

Give us the opportunity to live normally, as we are used to. Let this be our choice.

It is true that people are wrong, we can make mistakes. But these are our mistakes. Let us make these mistakes if it’s wrong - but I’m sure it won’t be, it’s not a mistake.

...Let the State Duma consider the bill: so that distance learning in schools - junior and secondary - was enshrined as an anti-constitutional measure.

Here, in our Constitution, it was enshrined that no territories should be separated from Russia. Have they fixed it? So let's fix this.

And then we have a lot of anti-national things being considered, but let's take this measure: so that distance learning could not be tied in any way to school education.

It just needs to be recorded as an anti-constitutional measure.

Now a lot of correct things have begun to be said at all these round tables - both about harm to health, and about the very complexities of distance learning, but saying one thing and doing another.

Let's. We want to see the results. Take our kids to schools.

Let it be not only conversations within the framework of the next round table and, then, distribution of instructions through endless pieces of paper.

If you want us, as parents, to really believe you that your intentions are good, we want to see real action in the fight against distance education!"

You can watch one of the programs with the participation of activists from Parents of Russia here.

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