The lawyer explained why you need to pay off debts before January 1, 2021

The lawyer explained why you need to pay off debts before January 1, 2021
The lawyer explained why you need to pay off debts before January 1, 2021
17 December 2020, 10:35Society
Russians should pay off their debts before the New Year, since from January 1, the concessions introduced in connection with the coronavirus pandemic will cease to operate, and the bailiffs will again be able to collect debts, for example, directly from salaries.

Lawyer and bankruptcy manager Dina Zaitseva recommended to pay off debts in December, as well as to manage during this time to issue accruals and benefits, re-register received social benefits and be ready for innovations.

- From January 1, the powers to the bailiffs regarding the debt collection procedure in full will return. The bailiffs, in order to repay the debt, withhold some amount from the income of the debtor, but not more than 50%. How can they act? For example, directly contact the employer of the debtor, and the money will automatically go to the bank account of the FSSP on the day the salary is received, '' RIA Novosti quotes the words of the lawyer.

She explained that if earlier it was possible to restructure loans, avoid fines and penalties for late payments to those who suffered a reduction in income or fell ill with COVID-19, then from the beginning of January this relief will cease to apply.

- Lenders have the right to present their claims to the borrower in full. So I recommend that you think about solving these problems now, so as not to make new ones, '' Zaitseva said.

For those who do not have enough funds to pay off their debts, she recommended seeking social support. For example, apply for a subsidy for utility bills, which will help save several thousand rubles a month. And if there is no work, then you can get unemployment benefits or restructure the loan.

- It is important that all the main measures of support for Russian citizens that are in force in 2020 will remain in the next year, - the expert noted.

She also recalled that by the end of December, you can have time to apply for payments for children from three to seven years old. Also, the lawyer clarified, on December 31, a number of anti-crisis benefits will cease to operate.

- The period until which in Russia there was a temporary procedure for registering unemployed citizens, as well as the payment of unemployment benefits, is ending. Previously, citizens could apply to employment services remotely ... The time is coming to an end when payments on sick leave for a full calendar month could be lower than the minimum wage, she clarified, adding that the temporary procedure for recognizing families in need in Russia is also expiring, and citizens - the poor.

Recall that from January 1, 2021, utilities may demand the return of all accumulated debts during the period of the moratorium on the collection of fines and penalties for non-payment of utilities introduced due to the pandemic. In this regard, NP "Housing and Communal Services Control" appealed to the head of the Ministry of Construction Irek Fayzullin with a request to charge penalties only on those debts that were formed after the restrictions were lifted.

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