A wave of "mining" of schools swept across the country

A wave of "mining" of schools swept across the country
A wave of "mining" of schools swept across the country
18 January, 09:22Society
Nearly 50,000 students were evacuated from Khabarovsk schools due to reports of planted explosives. The situation is similar in neighboring Birobidzhan, as well as in Sakhalin and Krasnoyarsk.

Mining reports were received in 70 schools in Khabarovsk, children and teachers were evacuated. High school students were sent home there, and elementary school students, under the supervision of teachers, were transferred to warm places near the institution. There they wait for their parents. In total, 47,608 children and 3,297 employees were evacuated in the city. Cynological checks are carried out in school buildings.

In neighboring Birobidzhan, the capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region, school emails also received messages about mining. The first deputy head of the mayor's office, Konstantin Ananiev, indicated that emergency response services had left for the places. School students and employees have been evacuated.

Because of the threat of mining, Krasnoyarsk educational institutions were also evacuated. According to social networks, we are talking about schools No. 141, No. 149, No. 143, No. 147, No. 90, No. 69. Moreover, this is the fourth evacuation of city schools in January, which has not yet ended.

On Sakhalin, letters with reports of planted explosive devices were sent not only to schools, but also to kindergartens. So, in the south of the region, in the city of Korsakov, children are being evacuated from the buildings of these institutions. Emergency services are working.

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