Ministry of Labor decided to reduce the amount of funded pension

Ministry of Labor decided to reduce the amount of funded pension
Ministry of Labor decided to reduce the amount of funded pension
18 May 2020, 10:40SocietyPhoto:
The monthly amount of the accumulative pension of Russians in 2021 will be less by 2.3% than in the current one. This is due to the fact that the term for the payment of savings has been increased by six months.

Politicians said they themselves do not rely on the Russian pension system in old age, because it is imperfect.

The bill "On the expected period of the funded pension payment for 2021", according to which the term for the funded pension payment will increase from 258 to 264 months (22 years), was developed by the Ministry of Labor.

- The length of the expected period of payment of [funded pension] is determined annually by federal law on the basis of official statistics. With the above based on the data of Rosstat calculations on the expected period of 2021 funded pension payments amount to 264 months (22 years), - lead "News" agency.

For this period, the sum of all savings that Russians who have reached retirement age will be divided.

The explanatory note of Rosstat to the document states that, based on the data of the Federal State Statistics Service for the previous year, 919.6 thousand men and one million women can become pensioners in 2021. The agency also named the expected life expectancy after retirement - 16.86 and 26.56 years, respectively.

At the same time, the entire amount of the funded pension can be taken away at a time, and also be inherited.

- The size of the insurance pension does not affect the size of the insurance pension. The size of the insurance pension is established by the state, based on the length of service and the size of the citizen's pension contributions, the Ministry of Labor noted.

However, it will be possible to pick up the funded part right away only if the total amount of savings calculated for the monthly payment is less than 5% of the prescribed insurance pension.

Note that since 2016, the term for funded pension payments increased by 320 months.

The head of the Political Expert Group, Konstantin Kalachev, admitted to the publication that he did not expect to live on retirement in old age. He noted that the Russians will be wary of the bill, as the issue of pension remains one of the most painful issues for citizens.

Recall that from April 1, non-working pensioners in Russia indexed pensions. On average, a social pension was increased by 554 rubles. Note that the insurance pension in Russia is one of the lowest in Europe. Even in Poland and Hungary the size of pensions is much higher than in the Russian Federation. Experts believe that the majority of 45-year-old Russian citizens will be left without a large pension.

Citizens themselves do not rely too much on retirement from the state. 72.8% of Russians over the age of 50 believe that they cannot provide a comfortable old age for the money that they managed to accumulate over the past 10-20 years.

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