Happiness will happen! Our TV predicted the coming socialism in America

Happiness will happen! Our TV predicted the coming socialism in America
Happiness will happen! Our TV predicted the coming socialism in America
18 June 2020, 23:49Society
Glorifying the social revolution, which is allegedly taking place in the United States, the propagandists for some reason were not happy with the prospect of the collapse of NATO.

America remains the focus of television and other propaganda. Perhaps they have never agreed on the idea of opposing camps — something fundamental is happening in America — but the end result is different for everyone.

Sergey Mitrofanov

Solovyov’s studio decided that capitalism had failed in its previous form and, consequently, the largest and most capital-intensive social system would look for some new platform for its continued existence, although the oldest but goldest suggests itself, such a beautiful and well-developed platform by Marx and Lenin like socialism.

The socialist guests considered it necessary to centralize the American Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to move away from the exhausted system of sheriffs and politicking mayors dependent on local semi-gang communities. As well as the reform of the comprehensive school, which to me personally seems like a perfectly reasonable proposal. Indeed, if social conflicts end with such pogroms and looting, as in Minneapolis, with the removal of plasma TVs, then it can be assumed that the defendants somewhere did not go through primary and secondary education. They obviously did not instill respect for private property — in the USSR they respected property more than in Minneapolis — and, as Vysotsky sang, it means they didn’t read the books in childhood. Or rather, they didn’t read books at all. This is America, of course, in the red and we need to somehow fix it.

In general, we now have two approaches to America. One - "they have all gone, tomorrow the revolution and the collapse of the states." And here is a strangeness, usually not very good people gather at Solovyov and they are extremely negative towards America, with the exception of Zlobin. But if at the same time they suddenly formed a joy that America would have no choice but to move to socialism now, the question arises: why then do they hold socialism? For the Apocalypse? For the plague?

The second approach, which is supported by many of my friends, as well as in the Zlobin studio or, for example, Andrei Sidorov, dean of the faculty of world politics at Moscow State University: “do not wait!” Of all the troubles, America will come out only stronger. All these riots and the search for an adequate reaction of the state to them will only prompt a reform that will return America to leadership, and we, as before, will be picking at our own shaky, or swathing “stability”. However, in my opinion, this belief is also akin to the belief that the world's oceans are inexhaustible. You part with her right away, when only, while sailing on a boat, you will meet in the middle of the ocean with a can of beer floating towards you. Belief in the "inexhaustibility" of America from the same category.

Our guests, of course, do not come up with any general idea. Even Zlobin became quiet, either upset, or agreeing with opponents. Therefore, you have to follow the fun interruptions of the camera. For example, when they talk about black riots and about the fact that whites were brought to their knees, they constantly show a certain former black policeman from the USA ... Grigory Krasovsky, now a lawyer. Which is not very tactful. Like “About black bullies?” “And here we have our own nigga.”

But Krasovsky himself is a very strange friend with relatives in Lugansk. And obviously, he made a glorious business maneuver in his life, being in the studio of Solovyov, having begun to earn at the same time, presumably many times more than the US police. Nevertheless, Krasovsky remains an American, and therefore he cannot agree that society’s struggle for rights is degradation, that blacks are completely rascals, and that the police, agreeing with criticism of civil society, “kneel” in a hurtful sense of this expression.

Our domestic Jew, a very kind, almost holy person, president of the Middle East Institute Yevgeny Satanovsky has a different look. Only a state wins that does not hesitate to arrange Tiananmen at home, ”he asserts that there is a very widespread opinion among former Russians. But capable generals are not enough. In the United States, there are none, but in the USSR there was no such general in 1991. What a pity!

Liberation of Germany

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump, according to Television, assumes that he is directly meeting the socialist project of Solovyov’s notable philosopher, Karen Shakhnazarov. The scuffle with Frau Merkel over cash contributions to NATO and the Nord Stream ended with Trump’s threat to withdraw American troops from Germany and a declaration that America was tired of being an international gendarme. And the result of this will be that the "occupation" of Germany will end, and it will gain the long-awaited sovereignty.

It is curious that the American presence has always looked like this in the presentation of Propaganda-TV. Anton Morozov, a member of the State Duma committee, out of habit, already referred to the unfolding national liberation struggle in Europe, allegedly resembling Trump's initiative.

In practice, however, it turned out that no one in Germany was delighted that the Americans would cease to defend its eastern border and for the "liberation" the withdrawal of American troops there. So half a century of blah blah blah propagandists was completely wasted. On the contrary, in Russia, too, they reacted to the Trump's trick in alarm. After all, having remained without American bases, Germany itself will begin to militarize, forcing to recall how it ended earlier. Yes, and those bases would not quite leave (if they did), but would be thrown to Poland, where they would be greeted with open arms. For Russia, it’s on the forehead and on the forehead.

Common sense also suggests that a “liberated Germany” will not rush into Russia’s arms and will not make an axis with it, and the prospects for the Nord Stream will not improve much, since Europe’s green energy policy. These thoughts, again, belong to a more or less sane internationalist - Boris Shmelev, head of the department of international relations of the diplomatic academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

And in conclusion, the conclusion: Trump will most likely not go anywhere, American bases in Germany are quite relevant for many military operations, but simply carry the usual nonsense.

Fake exposure

A small plot.

Some spiteful critics wrote and spread fake on social networks that the cyclopic inscription “Russia” on the pediment of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, on which hectoliters of paint were not stinted, leaked to the Yenisei. So this is a goofy lie, and the TV fake exposed. Russia is quite in its place, it hasn’t leaked anywhere, and the spiteful critics have landed in a puddle. In fact, it was raining, and, yes, he washed away a little of the inscription, but not all of it!

That is, the inscription did not leak, but leaked a little. It seems to expose the classic fake "Hit the Horse."

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