The Kremlin called the version about the traces of Novichok on Navalny's bottle absurd

The Kremlin called the version about the traces of Novichok on Navalny's bottle absurd
The Kremlin called the version about the traces of Novichok on Navalny's bottle absurd
18 September 2020, 15:56SocietyPhoto: navalny /
Russian President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov called the assumption that traces of the Novichok chemical warfare agent in the case of the poisoning of opposition politician Alexei Navalny were found on a plastic bottle from his hotel room in Tomsk as absurd.

"We cannot explain this, because the bottle, if it was, was taken out - to Germany or somewhere else. What could have become evidence in favor of poisoning, unfortunately, was taken out. Why is an additional question", - the newspaper Kommersant quotes the words of Dmitry Peskov.

Alexei Navalny became ill on the plane flying from Tomsk to Moscow on August 20, he lost consciousness. The pilots urgently landed the liner in Omsk, the politician spent two days in a hospital in this city, then he was transported to Germany for treatment. Only recently he was taken out of a coma, he began to walk and talk. Companions in arms of Alexey Navalny last day it was reported that the bottle, on which German specialists later discovered traces of the Novichok, had been secretly taken out of the hotel room in Tomsk, which was occupied by the politician. According to them, this proves that Alexei Navalny was poisoned even before arriving at the airport.

The oppositionist's associates explained that that day, part of the team remained at the hotel to finish the video. As soon as it became known about the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, they went up to his room and began to collect evidence, including bottles of water, from which the politician drank. “We didn't have much hope of finding anything. However, since it was obvious that Navalny was “not a little sick”, we decided to take everything that could hypothetically be useful further”, - explained Alexey Navalny's associates.

“Again, we do not have the opportunity to somehow analyze it - this bottle”, - Dmitry Peskov commented. “Our experts cannot say anything. There is too much absurdity in this story to take anyone's word for it. Was there a bottle, or it was not there... Specialists-toxicologists say, of course, that if there were a bottle with traces of a military poisonous nerve agent, then, of course, hardly anyone could take it somewhere - they would not have time. The number of absurdities and the number of questions is growing every day". The presidential press secretary believes that the only thing that can shed light on what happened is the exchange of information and evidence with the German side.

At the same time, the press secretary of the Russian president said that he did not have data indicating the cooperation of Alexei Navalny with foreign special services. Professor of the American Rutgers University Sergey Yerofeyev, meanwhile, believes that Alexey Navalny should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He noted that a number of other well-known scientists adhere to the same point of view. A group of MEPs proposed to freeze the European accounts of Russian officials who are involved in anti-corruption investigations of politician Alexei Navalny.

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