Rospotrebnadzor declared safe rest in Ethiopia and Seychelles

Rospotrebnadzor declared safe rest in Ethiopia and Seychelles
Rospotrebnadzor declared safe rest in Ethiopia and Seychelles
18 December 2020, 10:37SocietyPhoto:
Rospotrebnadzor studied the epidemiological situation in 16 countries with which Russia resumed air traffic, and came to the conclusion that only three out of 16 countries are safe for travel.

According to the department, the level of infection incidence over the past two weeks serves as a safety criterion for coronavirus. Firstly, it should not exceed 40 cases per 100 thousand population, secondly, the average daily growth rate for 14 days should be equal to or below 1%, and thirdly, the infection spread rate Rt should be less than 1.

“As of December 13, the epidemiological situation meets all criteria only in Seychelles, Tanzania and Ethiopia, according to two of three criteria - in Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Cuba and the Maldives, one of three - in the UK, UAE, Republic of Korea, Serbia, Japan”, - Rospotrebnadzor reports.

The most problematic epidemiological situation for coronavirus has developed in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Switzerland. It does not meet any of the three necessary Rospotrebnadzor criteria. According to the department, when visiting these countries, the risk of contracting coronavirus is especially great.

As noted by TASS, the department recommended in advance to choose for travel only countries that are safe in epidemiological terms. Travelers are advised not to forget about prevention: it is necessary to wear masks, use disinfectants, and observe social distance.

We've to remind you, that air traffic with foreign countries was terminated in the spring of this year after the WHO officially announced that the epidemic of a new coronavirus infection has become a pandemic. The gradual resumption of flights began in the summer - after the incidence curve began to decline. Today, from the territory of the Russian Federation, you can fly to the UK, Turkey, Tanzania, Switzerland, UAE, Egypt, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, Serbia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Japan, the Seychelles and the Maldives.

Upon returning from overseas trips, Russian citizens are required to take mandatory tests for coronavirus. Those who did not manage to do this within the established time frame will be forced to pay heavy fines. To date, the total amount of fines imposed on Russians for “belated” testing for covid has exceeded 23 million rubles.

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