Strict and according to the rules: how the Moscow VIP-prison "Devyatka" is arranged

Strict and according to the rules: how the Moscow VIP-prison "Devyatka" is arranged
Strict and according to the rules: how the Moscow VIP-prison "Devyatka" is arranged
19 January 2021, 16:22Society
In federal prison 99/1, which is located in Moscow on the same territory as "Matrosskaya Tishina", they contain mainly so-called VIP prisoners.

Former prisoner and now political emigrant Daniil Konstantinov told in his publication interesting details about the so-called "Devyatka" ("Nine") - a prison for Russian VIP prisoners, in which, according to some sources, Navalny is (or may be):

The famous "Devyatka" - federal prison 99/1 is often mistakenly called the special block of "Matrosskaya Tishina", although "Matrosk" has its own special block - "shestyorka" ("six").

The reason is that these two prisons are very close, practically on the same territory and are delimited only administratively. Hence this confusion with the name. "Devyatka" ("Nine") is not the "Matrosskaya Tishina".

The "Devyatka" has its own special regime. There is no inter-camera communication, no roads, no mobile phones. On the territory of the pre-trial detention center, strict order is maintained and the Internal Regulations are strictly observed. In the morning we get up, make the beds and then go along the TAP. It is prohibited to lie down on the bed during the daytime. In short, everything is according to the regime.

There are also "proprietary" features of the "Devyatka". People are called from the cells not by their last name, but by the first letter of their last name, so as not to give neighbors information about who is sitting in the neighboring cells. They are taken out of the cells one at a time and immediately taken to the investigation rooms, other cells or to paddy wagons, bypassing the assembly - prefabricated rooms, which in ordinary pre-trial detention centers are full of people, where you can meet with other prisoners and chat.

This routine has its disadvantages and advantages. On the one hand, the prisoners are in strict isolation, do not have telephones, and letters do not reach everyone and not always - there is strict censorship. Sometimes the opera begins to deliberately "freeze" the correspondence of certain prisoners in order to create a depressed state in them. The lack of intercamera communication and intercameral communication evokes a special gloomy atmosphere in which people feel really isolated from society.

On the other hand, the conditions on the "Devyatka" are generally more comfortable than in other prisons, especially when compared with ordinary buildings where ordinary criminals live. Normal cells, in which there is no overflow and you do not have to sleep in turns. Purity. Often the presence of refrigerators and televisions. The prisoners are given special durable plastic knives and even plastic graters. In general, the conditions of the "Devyatka" can be called more civilized. And the contingent there is appropriate. "Devyatka" is a prison for VIP prisoners. There are large officials and large swindlers, leaders of organized crime groups, defendants in cases of the most high-profile murders. There are significantly fewer "thieves" and a small-criminal element, and accordingly there are fewer internal squabbles on all sorts of different issues - the so-called "kachalov". On the "Devyatka", no one will call you in the middle of the night asking how much you contributed to the general and thieves', no one will demand from you to “restore the cargo lost on the road”, and the road itself (inter-camera communication), as I already said there is no. That is, you can sleep at night :)

You ask me how I know this, if I have not been in this prison. I was close and communicated a lot with the prisoners from the "Devyatka". This usually happened in paddy wagons, since there were no other opportunities to “reach” the "Devyatka". And then they began to transfer prisoners from "Devyatka" to us, and they already spent the remaining term under investigation with us.

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