On February 23, most men would like to receive gadgets

 On February 23, most men would like to receive gadgets
On February 23, most men would like to receive gadgets
19 February, 13:53Society
Most men would like to receive brand new gadgets as a present for Defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23. This was stated by 11% of participants in a survey conducted by SuperJob on the eve of the holiday among the stronger sex.

Every tenth man calls clothes and accessories a desirable gift. For eight percent of respondents, the most valuable gift that day would be money. Another six percent would be content with love, attention and care from women. Four percent said that the best gift - a new car or a motorbike, show the survey data.

For 10% of survey participants, it is not important what gift their relatives give them, six percent say that they would not like to receive any gifts on this day at all.

Every fifth survey participant named non-standard gifts that they would like to receive on that day. So, men prefer dinner at a restaurant, tickets to a concert, sports equipment, a dog or some useful gift as a gift for February 23rd.

At the same time, the vast majority of men on February 23 receive clothes and accessories, as well as cosmetics and perfumes. This was stated by 19% of the respondents. Eight percent of survey participants receive shaving gels and other supplies for these purposes. Five percent have to be content with the love and attention of loved ones. Another three percent are given money. Almost every fifth man (18% of respondents) receives a non-standard gift on February 23rd. But 15% do not give anything that day.

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