The State Duma proposed to send garbage operators to the junks

The State Duma proposed to send garbage operators to the junks
The State Duma proposed to send garbage operators to the junks
19 February, 16:25Society
The garbage reform again demonstrates its ineffectiveness - this time it is confirmed by the claims of the Prosecutor General's Office against the Russian ecological operator (REO), said the head of Fair Russia, Sergey Mironov.

"Uneven" payments of bonuses, overestimation of salaries, the absence of a development strategy and measures for the formation of a waste management system were revealed by the Prosecutor General's Office after checking the REO.

"In fact, the inspection of the Prosecutor General's Office revealed that the main garbage operator does not do anything other than paying space bonuses and salaries to its employees from the budget. The saddest thing is that the regional operators on the ground are obviously doing the same. We do not see the effect of the work of these structures even in the third year of the reform", - said Sergei Mironov.

He recalled that tariffs for garbage collection are constantly growing, but at the same time, alarming reports are coming from different regions of the Russian Federation that the regions are drowning in garbage.

"Recently a garbage collapse happened in Buryatia. The operators have one excuse: the population pays little. Much more: tariffs have already increased at least three times since the beginning of the reform. Apparently, even with such tariffs, the population's funds are not enough to maintain ineffective structures with their appetites", - said Sergey Mironov.

According to experts, the garbage reform, which started in 2019, did not bring significant results. The Accounts Chamber noted that 90% of the waste last year is still buried, and no more than 7% is recycled. In general, the reform was recognized as a failure by the Accounting Chamber. Just Russia, we note, even before the start of the reform, argued that the initiative is doomed to failure.

“We urged the government to postpone the reform, since it was clearly starting from the wrong end. Waste management schemes have not really worked out even on paper, and the tariffs have been inflated. As a result, the whole idea was reduced to an increase in extortions, and people received garbage mountains for their money", - explains Mironov.

"SR" calls on officials to suspend the reform until the end of 2021.

"During this time, it is necessary to amend the legislation: so that people pay for the actual volume of their waste, we introduced such a bill to the State Duma. It is necessary to send to the scrap the intermediaries in the person of garbage operators. And the budget money that they consume should be directed to the creation in the regions of minimum conditions for the separate collection and processing of waste", - concluded Sergey Mironov.

It's worth reminding that the Ministry of Natural Resources did not ensure the timely adoption of regulations at the federal level, the regions in this regard were not ready to start the reform. Also, the department did not ensure the effective work of PJSC Russian Environmental Operator (REO). The unified state system of MSW accounting was never created.

As a reminder, back in February, the curator of the garbage reform announced 11 operators on the verge of bankruptcy. And in the fall of last year, the deputy head of the REO, Alexey Makrushin, predicted the risk of bankruptcy of 10% of regional garbage operators - that is, 21 companies. As of December 2019, 16 operators were at risk. Gudkov explained that during this time, an analysis was carried out in the list with a possible risk of bankruptcy, after which only 11 potential bankrupts remained.

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