Seven doctors escaped from a quarantined hospital in Ufa

Seven doctors escaped from a quarantined hospital in Ufa
Seven doctors escaped from a quarantined hospital in Ufa
19 April 2020, 01:34SocietyPhoto:
In Bashkiria, without waiting for confirmation of the results of the repeated tests for the coronavirus, seven doctors escaped from the quarantined Kuvatov Republican Clinical Hospital in Ufa, where infection was immediately suspected with 170 patients and doctors.

All 170 tests require re-verification and were sent to Rospotrebnadzor.

As a source close to the supervisory authorities of Bashkiria told RIA Novosti, we are talking about doctors and medical staff who voluntarily left the closed medical facility on April 10. It is reported that six of them have already been forcibly returned to the hospital.

On April 17, the Ufa court examined the administrative cases of escaped physicians.

On the eve it became known that the residents of Ufa created a petition and demanded the resignation of Elsa Syrtlanova, who holds the post of chief doctor of the Republican Clinical Hospital of Bashkiria. The RCU was quarantined on April 6 due to an outbreak of coronavirus.

The author of the petition, human rights activist Alexander Wojciech, accused Syrtlanova of "forming a hotbed of mass infection" in a medical institution and "neglecting the requirements of the sanitary and epidemiological safety". He believes that, being the head physician, Surtlanova will make attempts to hide the traces of his mistakes.

The head of the Bashkir administration of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, Venus Izikaev, called the Kuvatov Regional Clinical Hospital one of the foci of the spread of coronavirus infection - 54 cases of coronavirus infection out of all 213 in the republic were recorded there.

Earlier, the Investigative Committee organized an audit of the hospital’s management on suspicion of negligence.

Meanwhile, the president of the National Medical Chamber, surgeon Leonid Roshal, on behalf of the organization, demanded to stop the persecution of the head doctor of the Republican Clinical Hospital Elsa Syrtlanova.

“We did not think that this was possible, but it happened. During the epidemic, the first who began actions against doctors working at the forefront in our country were investigators from Bashkiria,” Leonid Roshal wrote in his appeal. The persecution of Syrtlanova outraged not only the famous surgeon - this caused protests from the entire medical community.

Elsa Syrtlanova herself said: “I do not run away from problems and do not leave my workplace. Today I am at the workplace just like other doctors, not seeing my relatives and friends. My task is to overcome this virus at all costs, even "at the cost of my own life. I want to express my gratitude to those doctors who faithfully served medicine and performed their duty with dignity."

In total, 11 hospitals are currently completely quarantined in Bashkiria. Since March 31, the republic has been in full self-isolation, and since April 9, special hours have been set for children and elderly people to go out.

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