Media: Chinese cars will be produced under the brand name "Moskvich"

Media: Chinese cars will be produced under the brand name "Moskvich"
Media: Chinese cars will be produced under the brand name "Moskvich"
19 May, 10:49Society
The Moscow government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and KamAZ are negotiating with companies from China on the production of cars at an automobile plant in Moscow that was vacated after Renault left.

Discussions are underway with JAC Motors, FAW, BYD, as well as other brands whose auto platforms can be used in the production of Moskvich.

This is reported by Vedomosti and Izvestia. It is planned to complete the negotiations while the process of re-registration of the company's documents is underway. Agreements will be reached within two weeks. Haval, Chery and Geely said that they are not negotiating the Moskvich brand or the Renault plant.

- If it is not possible to reach an agreement with companies from the PRC, then KamAZ will take over the production on its own. But in this case, it will take a long time to wait for the release of the car, since the manufacturer does not have its own certified models in the passenger segment, one of the sources said.

According to Vedomosti, KamAZ is negotiating the localization of the JAC compact electric car. At the end of 2022, the cars will already be produced. Initially, the cars will be equipped with an internal combustion engine, and then the production of electric vehicles will begin.

It's worth reminding that at the beginning of the week, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation announced that the 68 percent share of Renault Group in AvtoVAZ was transferred to state ownership, and the assets will be managed by NAMI, subordinate to the ministry. The buyback option is reserved for 6 years. In addition, 100% of the shares of the Moscow automobile plant CJSC Renault Russia were transferred to the ownership of the Moscow Government.

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