Tatyana Davydenko: "Now the Chinese are hiring Russian slaves to cut down our forest"

Tatyana Davydenko: "Now the Chinese are hiring Russian slaves to cut down our forest"

Tatyana Davydenko: "Now the Chinese are hiring Russian slaves to cut down our forest"

19 August 2020, 11:03
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPVr4TG49Mo
“Lawlessness, which is difficult to believe,” - this is how journalist Andrey Karaulov described the information told by Tatyana Davydenko, the former chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Last year he did an interview with her under the title “Targeted Davydenko. Hit Putin”, which had the effect of an exploding bomb on the network: everyone sent this video to each other and could not believe their eyes and ears.

The scale of theft in the forest industry of the region amazes the imagination, and a brave woman single-handedly opposed the criminal system. The tears, which Davydenko struggled to contain, became an exhaustive answer to Karaulov's question about whether she was receiving threats. Many people remembered these tears then.

“Forests are being exported from the Krasnoyarsk Territory, think about it, for 47 billion rubles. By year. 33 billion are exported to China. And this is only what is shown in the statistics”, - said Tatyana Davydenko, noting that more than 30% of the“ shadow economy ”in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, “the scale is catastrophic”.

On the Glavtema Narod YouTube channel, Tatyana Davydenko spoke about how she lives now, a year after her conversation with Karaulov, and how she assesses what happened.

“I never thought that the ability to tell the truth is irrelevant to me - the population of Russia will elevate to the rank of heroism. Now to tell the truth is equated with heroism...

But I myself am from that time, from the past, when we stigmatized the one who spoke a lie. The lying person was an outcast, we all said: "He is lying!"

Do you, in general, imagine what society has become when we suddenly began to elevate an ordinary truth to the rank of a heroic act?

This is amazing. And I never imagined that this could be, it never crossed my mind at all.

Therefore, my life is running wildly. I participate in the political life of the region.

This act of mine is my ordinary life. For me, this was nothing surprising, as well as for my environment, for my close people.

This is an ordinary job, an ordinary life. But it turned out the way it turned out.


I am very grateful to Andrei Viktorovich (Karaulov) for doing this in public then. If I hadn't done this, everything might have ended differently. I am very grateful to him, very much. His help was invaluable to me.

I myself did not expect, I never cry in my life, especially in public. No one has ever seen my tears. And I asked Andrei Viktorovich to remove it.

At that moment I was not thinking about myself, but about the fact that I have a family, a daughter, grandchildren.

And I was afraid that something might be with them. Most of all I was worried about my daughter, she took a very strong blow, very strong.

I'm not showing off. Let's not elevate this to the rank of some kind of feat.

Do not misunderstand me. The chairman of the Accounts Chamber of Irkutsk did the same, in Omsk, Tomsk, too, great fellows, they also worked. It just so happened that it was done publicly in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Because there were already unprecedented felling, it was already impossible to remain silent. And they just couldn't, well, hush it up, or something ...

... The Irkutsk Accounts Chamber is working very well. Governor Levchenko began to put things in order, but he was not given ...

The Accounts Chamber of the Irkutsk Region worked very well, criminal cases were initiated, which, I think, will be brought to their logical conclusion.

And I was not lucky, simply, I did not have time ... In Tomsk, in Omsk, criminal cases were also initiated. But I did it the way I did it ...

So they are great and have worked very well in this direction.

Krasnoyarsk Territory is a mini-Russia. Usually they say how the Krasnoyarsk Territory will vote, so will Russia. And that's for sure, that's for sure.

What is happening in the Krasnoyarsk Territory today. The industrial production index fell 7% last year and continues to fall. Inflation has risen dramatically. Wages are not growing, they are decreasing. Unemployment has grown fivefold. The real incomes of the population have declined.

A very difficult environment. The population is poor. About 19% of the population lives below the poverty line.

There is one peculiarity in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. If earlier in our country they hired Chinese workers to cut wood, now, in 2018, in 2019, the Chinese began to hire Russians. And now everything is happening exactly the opposite.

Women came to me from forest villages to receive appointments, they said: "We accompany our husbands, as if they were to the front, we do not know whether they will return from there or not."

Nobody signs contracts, our men are deceived a lot.

When our information got into the media, Mr. Kobylkin, the Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, turned to the Ministry of Natural Resources of China, and said - you can even find this in a press release - that you, Chinese citizens, somehow work very badly on the territory of Krasnoyarsk territories, Russia, illegally cut down the forest, environmental standards are not observed, you, please, behave decently on the territory of the Russian Federation.

And these are the words of the Minister of the Russian Federation. Imagine if I came to China and started deforestation there, what would the government of the People's Republic of China tell me?

There are now two poles in the Krasnoyarsk Territory - north and south. I already went through all this in 1994. All this could end very badly for the Russian Federation.

In these confrontations, they also use the local population, national cadres, the indigenous population ... There are now terrible things happening there, terrible.

For the Russian Federation, this is one of the hotbeds where a very serious situation can really flare up. The authorities should, on the contrary, put everyone at the negotiating table and mediate in the settlement of the conflict, and a war between the two systems began.

And this war has moved into the public space, on both sides very large media resources are being used to stir up the situation further.

But not only the Krasnoyarsk Territory will suffer, but the entire Russian Federation and its image. Because Norilsk Nickel is the enterprise that provides 40% of the budget of the constituent entity of the Federation, which, in turn, generates huge profits for the Russian Federation, and which is the main supplier of non-ferrous metals, especially the platinum group, in the world.

And so, just in case: 175,000 people live in Norilsk, and almost 100,000 people work at the enterprise.

... We are in this situation, which is now, we are already flying into the abyss. Too late. Political will should have been shown earlier.

We've lost time. And we had it. Can you then get up? Can. But more difficult. Believe me.

We ourselves are to blame for everything. Lord, everyone has him here ... Look what we ourselves have done.

We ourselves have lost our freedom. We ourselves do not see our future. Blame yourself.

And what in return? We thought that we would be given some benefits? We didn't get them. But we have traded our freedom for it.

But I'm an optimist. And I believe that the Lord will help us and we will still come out ... Russia is doomed to success. Doomed. "

The full version of the conversation with Tatiana Davydenko can be viewed here .

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