Don't play the fool, America! TV volunteered to heat and feed Texas

Don't play the fool, America! TV volunteered to heat and feed Texas
Don't play the fool, America! TV volunteered to heat and feed Texas
20 February, 13:08Society
Telepropagandists have proven the advantage of the traditional Russian stove and stew from military stocks over green technologies.

Sergey Mitrofanov

The end of the information week ended with two good news. First: Texas was covered with snow to the very top, and this showed the world the advantage of the administrative-command system of Russia, where it also falls asleep with snow, but people are not surprised and do not suffer like the Texans. And the second good news: Russians were allowed to fight for justice. About the pedophile killer.

So there was a snowfall in Texas like it hadn't been there for decades. The unimaginable happened. The windmills froze and stood up, the electricity was cut off. A complete collapse began. They say that up to a hundred people froze to death. In general, hiding their eyes, the telepropagandists agreed that what happened was not a reason for scoffing. But there is a reason to compare the capitalist system of the West with the unique economic system of Russia, which is also capitalist, but with rudiments from the Soviet Union, and today it is generally moving back to all good.

At the same time, the comparison turned out not in favor of the West, because social and technological experiments are constantly going on there. That is why wind turbines were set up in Texas so as not to spoil the environment. They also divided the unified energy system into liberal pieces for competition, as the great Chubais wanted, and therefore, when a crisis situation arose, everything naturally broke down. Now 15 million Texans are experiencing wild difficulties simply to boil water from the snow.

You see, - began to defend the West merchant A. Naumov, and everyone shouted at him, not listening to the end. - Wait, I'll tell you all the same. The weakness of the West is the flip side of its strength and source of wealth. Why is he so rich? Because he saves and never spends money on things that may not be useful. There has not been such a snowfall as it is now in Texas for several decades, so they did not protect their energy sector so as not to wind up costs. And if they protected and, say, insulated the water pipes, as is customary in our country, then everything would become several times more expensive, and they would no longer be so rich…

The propagandists caught Naumov's pitch and began to develop this topic. Yes, in Russia they don't experiment and don't save. Green economy is not indulged in. While the Yankees are filming films about the zombie apocalypse, the stew is kept here for 20 years in case of a nuclear war, the subway is being built as a bomb shelter, and every village has stoves just in case. Our electricity system was not torn apart ... no, of course, it was torn apart a little too, but not completely. And they kept the Vertical as a shrine. No independence or liberalism is planned locally, everything is brought together into a single fist under the leadership of a national leader. Ask, what are the direct lines with the president for? So that the governors do not run away in difficult times, otherwise the people will complain to the president.

(* A hint of Texas Senator Cruise, by the way, a Republican and Trumpist, who, when it got colder, went to the resort to warm up in a hotel room that cost $ 309 a day.)

Therefore, our schoolchildren play merrily in the yard at minus 48, and Texans wrap themselves in poor blankets.

United Russia political scientist Markelov: "Here we are accused of manual control, but in the modern crisis world, only it saves".

Conclusion: Russia is a country with a progressive political system and economy, because both are super-conservative, semi-Soviet. And if anything, we will help Texas.

The second theme is about satisfying the sense of justice.

It is poised to happen in connection with the Sankin case, which is the subject of Friday's special issue.

The background of the discourse is as follows. There is a version that the recent mass protests in the capitals and in the regions were caused not so much by the political rejection of what is happening in Russia, as by an acute sense of local injustice, which is being carried out in relation to the opposition leader Navalny. But this is not the only injustice in the world, here is Sankin, he is a hero, and he was thrown into jail for eight years. If you put the question correctly, the people will harness more for Sankin than for Navalny. This is the idea of propaganda.

The story of Sankin is as follows. He is a tough man who once walked down the street and saw offended children, who confessed to him that they were molested by the local pedophile Zaitsev. Sankin's blood boiled, he somehow caught this pedophile and beat him to death with his bare hands, and was about to leave, but he remembered about the dropped cell phone, began to pick it up, then the police tied him up.

Sankin was given eight years (or 20 could have been for premeditated murder, the jury softened), but the people consider him not a murderer, but a hero. In the voting in the program itself, 10% of TV viewers voted for the verdict, and 90% against the verdict. The propagandists' version: sentences do not always agree with a sense of fairness (* after what we have said about pedophiles, the people think that they should be killed on the spot to hell without trial and investigation) , and this feeling will eventually break any barriers law.

Singer Gazmanov proposes to give Sankin a state award for saving children, and honorary lawyer Leonid Olshansky claims that Sankin will not last eight years, he will be released earlier and will be greeted with flowers.

The only one who did not quite agree with this formulation of the question is the liberal Boris Nadezhdin, since Sankin DIDN'T SAVE CHILDREN IN DANGER. But Nadezhdin, it seems to me, missed an important line.

In Nadezhdin's interpretation, Sankin did not save the children, since the children freely ran away from the pedophile and, in general, all his suspicions about the latter were based solely on their oral story. Therefore, Sankin did not have sufficient motive to kill a person, due to which the sentence to the vigilante is well deserved. But it seems to me, however, that the main thing in this story is that Nadezhdin and the million viewers missed, not the murder itself, but how it was performed.

It seems that the hot Sankin quickly conducted his own investigation, passed his own verdict, and then carried it out himself - beat the pedophile for five hours (!), Turning Zaitsev's face into a bloody mess, and he died not even from beatings, but from that that was naked in the cold, from hypothermia.

That is, it was a savage torture, which today 90% of Russians qualify as fair, for which a state award should be given…

In this regard, I again thought about the 37th year, which our fair people, for the most part, also somehow very neatly packs in their memory and consciousness, obviously believing that there is nothing special about what the authorities decided in the pre-war years to clear the country a little of potential enemies (they say, everyone did that), and therefore today he does not particularly object to the return of the monument to Iron Felix to Lubyanka.

But in that “old” history it is precisely its aesthetic ugliness that is important. The fact that hundreds of thousands of people, passed through the meat grinder of the NKVD, “investigated” like Sankin of this unfortunate pedophile, and they looked, being neither Trotskyists, nor pests, nor pedophiles, before their death in exactly the same way.

But the feelings of aesthetics and justice among Russians are so strange.

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