Dzerzhinsky or Nevsky? Muscovites will choose a monument for the Lubyanka

Dzerzhinsky or Nevsky? Muscovites will choose a monument for the Lubyanka

20 February , 10:11Society
Voting on the installation of the monument on Lubyanka Square will begin on February 25. Felix Dzerzhinsky and Alexander Nevsky will be offered to choose from.

Earlier it was assumed that the list will also include Yuri Andropov and Ivan III. However, following the results of discussions in the Public Chamber of Moscow, they settled on two options - Dzerzhinsky and Nevsky.

“The majority of the council voted in favor of two candidates - Nevsky and Dzerzhinsky. I abstained", - RIA Novosti quotes the words of the deputy chairman of the Public Chamber of Moscow, head of the commission for the development of civil society and public control Alexey Venediktov.

Voting will take place on several sites, in particular on the "Active Citizen" platform and on the websites of various media. In addition, a special commission will be created to monitor this survey.

Earlier, writers, bloggers and journalists, including Zakhar Prilepin, Igor Molotov, Alexander Prokhanov, Dmitry Puchkov and others, advocated the return of the monument to Dzerzhinsky to Lubyanskaya Square. They sent a corresponding appeal to the government and the Moscow mayor's office. At the same time, Orthodox conservatives-monarchists from the Heritage of the Empire organization supported the placement of a monument to Ivan III there.

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