Disturbing content alert - faint-hearted, better do not read it! How and what for theater critic Marina Davydova is being bullied

Disturbing content alert - faint-hearted, better do not read it! How and what for theater critic Marina Davydova is being bullied
Disturbing content alert - faint-hearted, better do not read it! How and what for theater critic Marina Davydova is being bullied
20 February, 17:09Society
The editor-in-chief of Theater magazine wrote about the harassment campaign that unfolded against her and her family

Renowned Russian theatrologist and theater critic, editor-in-chief of the Teatr magazine Marina Davydova published a post detailing the harassment she and her family have been subjected to in recent days:

“I ask the faint of heart not to read! So, over the past two weeks, the following events have happened to me.

1) An attempt to hack Skype, which I already wrote about: Marina Davydova, unknown to me, persistently called me, and pornography was spinning in the avatar of this doppelganger. It was surprising and unpleasant.

2) In a day - an attempt to hack e-mail. It was unpleasant, but no longer surprising.

3) In the last week alone, numerous telegram channels have written more about me, my son, my husband and my projects (TEATR magazine and the NET festival) than all the boomers and buzzers combined about Konstantin Bogomolov's Manifesto. As always, lies in these “behind the scenes”, “nevminkults” and other “toilet bowls” (their name is legion, the names are about the same), closely affiliated with the major comrades, are indistinguishable from half-truths, and slander is tightly intertwined with direct threats.

For example, my husband, the venerable scientist and religious scholar B.Z. Falikov, was surprised to learn that he is a spy and an agent of influence recruited by the American special services (wow!), And we, as a married couple, want to turn the TEATR magazine into the Continent magazine (illiterate authors, apparently, mean the Syntax magazine , which was published abroad by the spouses Rozanova and Sinyavsky, but they were poorly taught the materiel and are a little confused). Needless to say, Boris Falikov usually finds out about the theme of our issues when the magazine is already out of print, and the agent of influence is out of it, like the etoile of Opéra de Paris.

Further more. It turns out that the TEATR magazine receives money from... the NET festival. In connection with this information my colleagues from NET, who learned at once that among the founders of the festival there are foreign organizations (what, what ??) and that he finances the magazine TEATR (oh, dear!))). We were even more shocked by the conclusion that the magazine TEATR, which receives foreign money from NETa, is a foreign agent and must be registered as such. Holy saints! What do you smoke, anonymous authors?

Well, for dessert! In a separate and lengthy post dedicated to my son Ignat, details are provided about who he celebrated children's birthdays with (I don’t remember this myself, but the “sources” of telegram channels remember), with whom his nanny was friends, how exactly he was was captured - I can't find another word - at one of the protest rallies, how he was released, and it is made clear that if the publication under my jurisdiction continues to write about the detention of theater people at street actions (yes, we are writing about this, we are not indifferent to fate theatrical people), then the son will be held hostage.

For the sake of completeness, let me inform you that all this "went to paint the province" took place against the backdrop of endless calls at the front door of our apartment! Sometimes they lasted half an hour. We do not open to those who were not invited, so after several unsuccessful attempts to visit us, the district police officer called me on my mobile phone. He complained that he could not visit us in any way. To the question "Why visit us?", The district police officer affectionately replied: "Marina Yurievna, we have not seen for so long - both with you and with your family".

What is the answer to all this orgy to the general comrades of the district police, comrades majors and comrades of nevminkultam? I will answer briefly.

I am very happy that "no one needs", according to the anonymous authors of shit channels, the TEATR magazine causes such a deafening resonance and such keen interest at the very top, I am glad that people who are so far from the theater professions are so concerned about it.

Dear comrades of nevminkulta, you have strengthened us in our understanding of the greatness and significance of our cause. Thank!

But I will forgive you: in your free time from reading the magazine THEATER, get down to business - expose real spies, catch real criminals, expose real financial frauds.

And we will do what we did before - write about the theater and “live no lie”. What we wish you too..."


On this occasion, philologist, public figure and popular blogger Nikolay Podosokorsky writes:

“Laughter is laughter, but the concentration of repression is now just off scale.

Separately, it seems, all similar atrocities have already happened in previous years, but such a concentration of them in a single moment occurs, it seems, for the first time in our post-Soviet history. Every day you read in the news about unmotivated arrests, dismissals, prison sentences, harassment, neutralization of public figures who, as they can, resist the dictatorship and stand up for political prisoners.

The government wants to sow fear and crush all living things, but at the same time the remnants of gilding and gloss fall off, and the horns, hooves and tail become visible".

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