Poll: most Russians feel lack of holidays and weekends

Poll: most Russians feel lack of holidays and weekends

20 February , 12:01Society
Survey results from SuperJob.ru show that 54% of Russians dream of more public holidays and paid days off.

The survey has shown that among citizens under the age of 34, there were almost two thirds of such respondents (62%).

A tendency has been revealed: the number of supporters of the introduction of new holidays decreases with an increase in the respondents' income - almost two-thirds of respondents (64%) with a salary of less than 30 thousand rubles a month speak for new holidays, while among respondents with a monthly income of more than 80 thousand rubles such a prospect would suit 44% of respondents.

29% of respondents believe that holidays and weekends are quite enough now.

The number of men who have enough holidays turned out to be significantly more women: 32% versus 24% of respondents, respectively.

Previously, the SuperJob.ru portal conducted a survey on the topic "What gifts do men dream of on February 23rd". It turned out that most of the respondents would like to receive new gadgets as a gift, and not "traditional" socks.

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