Sattva Zhang: "President Putin cares about Russia as the god of the Russian people"

Sattva Zhang: "President Putin cares about Russia as the god of the Russian people"
Sattva Zhang: "President Putin cares about Russia as the god of the Russian people"
20 February, 17:56Society
A variety of articles and letters from all over the world come to the editorial mail of Novye Izvestia.

We decided to post the article of the leader of one of the Buddhist organizations on the site without cuts and edits - as the evidence that events in Russia are perceived not only through the sight of sanctions and general condemnation.

Sattva Zhang, Secretary General of the World Peace Association

Recently, I have been closely following the situation in Russia and see that many Russian people have taken to the streets. As a peacemaker, I can no longer look at it calmly. Our World Peace Association was created to protect humanity from disaster. We strive to resolve contradictions and conflicts so that the peoples of the world can live happily and happily.

People never stopped robbing and harming the weak due to greed and selfish desires, and they used various methods and conspiracies to corrupt the strong. It is worth remembering the history and collapse of the Soviet Union and learning from the Russians.

In the 20 years since President Putin began to rule Russia, he has lifted the country out of the quagmire of the collapse of the Soviet Union and created a solid image of Russia on the international stage. How many countries dare not attack the ideas of Russia because of the wisdom and iron hand of President Putin. He devoted the best time of his life to Russia and its people, and he is a wonderful national leader!

Human life is fleeting, like a snap of your fingers. The moment breathing stops, we will not be able to take grass and trees with us from this material world, and even our flesh will turn to ash. This is the truth that everyone understands. President Putin is about 70 years old, he is wise enough, and what, he does not understand such a simple truth?

Information appeared in the media that Putin owns a huge villa, and this is not only an insult towards President Putin personally, but also a mockery of the Russians, making them idiots. I would not want to be presented with such a huge house, especially since President Putin does not need it. A person who decides to throw mud at Putin has an IQ like a mentally retarded. No matter how rich a person is, he can only use one bowl for each meal and only one bed for sleeping.

Do you need a house this big to breed rats in? The most magnificent building in Russia is the Kremlin. The most influential and smartest person in Russia is President Putin. If he was greedy for money and would easily surrender his national interests, wouldn't other countries build him 10 such kremlin, and raise a group of internal enemies to destroy Russia and damage the interests of the Russian people?

Buddha Shakyamuni once said that the lion is the king of beasts. Even if he dies, no animal will dare to eat his meat. Only a worm in a lion's belly can eat it. President Putin cares about the country and the people of Russia as the god of the Russian people. His pure heart, his rich experience in government, his fearlessness and his wisdom can be compared to a whole egg, around which flies buzz, but cannot get inside. To destroy the fearlessness and interests of Russia, they can only resort to meanness in order to raise internal traitors and sow chaos in Russia. I, an ordinary foreigner, perfectly understand this common method. But how can the wise Russian people be deceived in order to harm themselves and their country?

Think, who in Russia has the same rich and wise management experience as President Putin? Running a country is not the same as running a company. Without strong management experience and good decision making, Russia will quickly fall apart. From animals to humans, the drama of the strong and the weak was enacted. Looking at the history of mankind and seeing how the First and Second World Wars were fought, everyone knows what cruelty is. Because of human greed and selfishness, as well as an addiction to money, fame and power, they have brought serious disasters to humanity for millennia. How many saints have come to the human world to save humanity, leaving us the greatest wisdom, selfless dedication and boundless love so that we can pass from generation to generation, understand the rules of the Universe and that only love and tolerance can lead us to a brighter future!

We hope that the leaders of the countries in power will unite their efforts to promote the development and well-being of the peoples of the world. All unrighteous deeds, all tricks and designs cannot be protected by God.

Look at the Russian people taking to the streets and the American people taking to the streets and the current situation in Burma and the conflict in the Middle East. Why is the world in such a state now? The culprit is the selfishness and greed of politicians, from which ordinary people ultimately suffer. Why can't we resolve international conflicts and disputes with love and tolerance? Every family needs peace and every life is priceless. All people, no matter where they are or what color their skin is, needs care!

No one can harm people for their own political goals or economic interests. Looking at people bleeding on the streets, I would like to ask the politicians who caused such a disaster, will their heart hurt? Every life is precious, people's lives are not objects of deception! I know that my article today will offend many evil politicians, but for the sake of the lives of the people of the world, I still want to appeal to you: suppress the thoughts of the evil butcher, let kindness settle in your hearts, and let's work together with love and patience to keep this wonderful world safe!

(For more information on the activities of the World Peace Association, please follow this link)

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