Foot on Biden: anti-American attraction appeared in Moscow

Foot on Biden: anti-American attraction appeared in Moscow
Foot on Biden: anti-American attraction appeared in Moscow
20 June, 10:05SocietyPhoto: Соцсети
A punching bag with the image of US President Joe Biden appeared near the Airport metro station.

Ivan Zubov

Now Biden can be hit by any Muscovite and guest of the capital: next to the Aeroport metro station, near the local shopping center, unknown persons have placed something like a punching bag with the image of the American president. Meanwhile, the administration of the shopping center denies its responsibility for the installation of the projectile. “We are generally in shock,” they said there, Afisha reports.

In fact, this phenomenon is another session of sympathetic magic, the enthusiasm for which eloquently indicates a low degree of social development. Primitive people did about the same thing, struggling with all sorts of misfortunes.

In this regard, many social media users recall a popular Soviet joke:

“The Russian and the American argued over who has the freest country.

The American says: - America is the freest country. I can go to the White House and say that Reagan is a fool. I won't get anything for it!

Russian in response: - So what. I can also go to Red Square

and say that Reagan is a fool. And I won’t get anything for it either…”

Here are some more comments from the web:

- There was literally a step to the rubber woman with the face of Biden, installed on the square in front of the subway. Patriots should especially like this!

- This is because Obama pissed on the entrances. It still seems to stink

- The topic is not open. There is also Boris Johnson.

- It seems that for the first time the Japanese began to put such a thing for psychological relaxation. In special rooms, in firms. These were mannequins depicting the heads of this firm. The head of a "competing firm" is also placed right there. As always in Russia, anger and hatred towards "their superiors" are transferred to people who are completely uninvolved in all the problems of "employees of the company". To find an "external enemy" and explain by his actions all the failures, illiteracy and theft of his power - how is it in Russian!

- Few people remember that in Hussein's Iraq, in one of the elite hotels in the lobby, the floor was paved with a mosaic depicting Bush Sr. A worse insult than walking on the face in the East seems to have not yet been invented.

- But in the photo, whatever one may say, there is a memorial building - in honor of the head of state - our Western partner, as the higher strata of the fatherland like to call him. And the action of a citizen, which we are shown, falls under Article 243 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - Destruction or damage to cultural heritage sites .

“We are generally in shock”: the Airport Gallery shopping center in Moscow disowned the punching bag with the image of Biden. The shell appeared at the entrance to the building.

In the shopping center itself, "Rise" was told that they had nothing to do with the pear.

"No no. What are you? Of course not. We didn't organize anything. We are generally in shock,” reports pdmnews.

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