Repurposed: Medvedev's residence has become a "wedding salon"

Repurposed: Medvedev's residence has become a "wedding salon"
Repurposed: Medvedev's residence has become a "wedding salon"
20 August 2020, 14:49Society
Now the former residence of the former Prime Minister of Russia is called the "townhouse" and is rented out for the weddings and corporate parties.

The magazine "Company" published an interesting investigation, as a result of which it turned out that the residence of the ex-Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev is now called the estate - or townhouse - "Secrets of Rublyov", where weddings and other celebrations are held. The estate is managed by a certain "Maslovo Club", which belongs to the ex-wife of Senator Vladimir Kozhin - Olesya Kozhina - before her marriage she was a member of the Mobile Blondes group.

It is curious that the "Secrets of Rublyov" townhouse is located behind the Maslovo boarding house, now owned by the Russian Guard. The five-meter fence of the estate is entwined with barbed wire, through which electricity is likely to be passed. "Secrets of Rublyov" has its own website and page in email Facebook, with this video. Image of the main house is fully consistent with the image Medvedev's residence, made a drone. In addition, 20 hectares of protected forest inside coincide with the characteristics of the ex-residence of the ex-prime minister. All in all, the estate consists of a house of about 3000 sq. m, a sports complex with a swimming pool, three guest houses, outbuildings and a helipad.

On the promo video, you can admire luxurious interiors, a pine forest, two bars for 120 and 60 people, two restaurants for 60 and 80 people, a fireplace room, a cigar room, and so on...

“The luxurious estate is strikingly different in its natural detachment from the whole variety of walk-through boarding houses. Being yourself, being who you are, is sometimes an unacceptable, and sometimes just an inaccessible luxury. Everything is here - as you want, and everything that happens here remains "Secrets of Rublyov"”, the Facebook page says. And then: renting a cottage in the estate costs 100 thousand rubles a day, and you can use the pool only for three hours, and the rest is for an additional fee.

Basically, the estate is used for weddings, and besides, various "secular ceremonies" are held in it, at which such people as Kirkorov, Leshchenko, Buinov, Gazmanov, Vinokur and the like perform.

The publication notes that the Maslovo Club itself last year suffered losses of 18 million rubles with revenue of 30.3 million, and therefore Olesya Kozhina decided to give the estate for various events - corporate parties, weddings, competitions.

Let us recall that Vladimir Kozhin worked as the head of the Presidential Property Management Department of Russia from 2000 to 2014. Just in 2014, a 55-year-old man married 25-year-old Olesya Boslovyak, and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev walked at their wedding, and the whole color of Russian pop music from Pugacheva to Yudashkin. By that time, due to corruption scandals, Kozhin had already left the post of Administrative Department, but Medvedev was not afraid to come to his celebration, Vladimir Vinokur, Lev Leshchenko and many others. The wedding was closed, Oleg Kashin wrote about it. Medvedev appreciated Kozhin, so he attended his wedding even after Kozhin was forced to leave the Office of the President of the Russian Federation amid corruption scandals.

Before her marriage, Boslovyak sang in the Mobile Blondes group, often in underwear, and also won the Miss Earth 2013 and Supermodel of Russia 2005 contests. Having given birth to Kozhin's two daughters, she left him and married the 50-year-old frontman of the Ivanushki International group, Andrey Grigoriev-Appolonov. Kozhin "works" as a senator of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation from Moscow, holding the post of the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council committee on defense and security.

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