Victim of Vissarion begs for help: what did the trust in the "incarnation of Jesus Christ" turn out with

Victim of Vissarion begs for help: what did the trust in the "incarnation of Jesus Christ" turn out with

Victim of Vissarion begs for help: what did the trust in the "incarnation of Jesus Christ" turn out with

20 August 2020, 11:16
“A tragedy has occurred in my life because I have evinced confidence in good and kind ideas”, - this is how the desperate video message of the former Muscovite Olga Klimova begins.

Her sad story goes back to the early 90s. A classic example of how easily in that chaotic period charlatans of different sizes could fool a naive person. Of course, the story of Olga Klimova is striking in that a very long time passed before a woman decided to contact law enforcement agencies and the media, in particular, Novye Izvestia, however, it is obvious that gullibility (and / or, what to do, stupidity ) one should not at all be exempted from the responsibility of another. After all, there is the Law.

Christina Zabirova

Before introducing readers to the story of Olga Klimova, who wrote a letter to our editorial office with a request to convey her story to people in order to “help find those who can influence the solution of the problem,” let's say a few words about Vissarion himself.

Vissarion, who claimed that Jesus Christ was watching him from near-earth orbit, and later began to identify himself with Christ, conducted his first open sermon at the Resonance TV studio on May 14, 1991 for the residents of Minusinsk and Abakan. In the next two years, at the expense of funds raised by his followers, he traveled with sermons to many cities of Russia and the republics of the former USSR, visited most European countries.

In 2000, during the all-Russian counter-terrorist operation "Whirlwind-Antiterror" among members of the Vissarion sect, FSB officers detained 35-year-old Tatyana Nekhorosheva-Sokolova, who was on the federal wanted list on suspicion of organizing a terrorist act near the public reception of the FSB in Moscow in 1998, allegedly activist of the left-wing radical youth organization "New Revolutionary Alternative". According to operational data, Nekhorosheva's asylum was provided directly by Vissarion himself.

You can also find information on the Internet that in 2001 Vissarion tried to rape a minor Bulgarian girl, as a result of which the Bulgarian followers hastily left his sect.

The sect of Vissarion introduced the chronology and calendar, according to which the New Age of the Dawn began from the moment of the conception of Vissarion, that is, from 1960. Three main holidays are celebrated: April 14 - officially Earth Day (unofficially - the day of Vissarion's conception), August 18 - the day of the fall of the Kingdom of Power and good fruits (unofficially - the day of the putsch), and January 14 - Christmas of Vissarion "Christ" (unofficially - the birthday Sergei Torop, this is the real name of the founder of the sect). In 1992, the former drummer of the popular band "Laskoviy May" Vadim Redkin joined the sect and has been keeping a "chronicle of the new Accomplishment" ever since.

Correspondent "New Izvestia" studied the information field about the activity of Vissarion, "the second incarnation of Jesus Christ", who is now 59 years old, in our day.

"Law enforcement agencies are checking the taiga Christ" , "Clouded by the smell of taiga: investigators are conducting searches in the Vissarion sect", "Deep in the Siberian wilderness, members of the Church of the Last Testament worship a former policeman", "City of the Sun" "turned out to be a den of pedophiles?" - these and other headings give a very eloquent description of the activities of the sect, which has existed for, in fact, thirty years.

In open sources there is information about cases of dystrophy among the followers of Vissarion, missing, disabled and committed suicide, as well as the fact that many of them, having sold their property to the sect, are forced to live in beggarly conditions themselves, without income and means to existence.

Сегодня Виссарион общается со своими последователями, в том числе, через ютуб, выходя в эфир из "Обители Рассвета".

Moreover, it turned out that in April of this year Vissarion, the founder of the “Church of the Last Testament” (formerly called “Community of One Faith”), even started his own YouTube channel, which currently has about three thousand subscribers.

The spiritual guru “broadcasts” from the Abode of Dawn - this mark is indicated in the geolocation settings. He has already recorded 18 videos, the most recent of which was on August 16.

That is: despite numerous appeals of citizens to law enforcement agencies, a citizen of the Russian Federation Sergey Anatolyevich Torop, in fact, a deceiver and a swindler, continues to work quietly "for the good of the people." While the Russians, fooled by him and his henchmen, continue to suffer and suffer.

And now - the story of Olga Klimova.

Ольга Климова молит о помощи. Она с сыном-инвалидом мечтает получить приличное жильё и, по возможности, вернуться в Москву.

“In 1994 I lived in Moscow. At this time, Vissarion, the leader of the spiritual community in Siberia, came to preach. I believed that a new clean society is being built based on trust and mutual care. If all people live like this, there will be a completely different world!

I understand that everyone who listens to me thinks me stupid, stupid, and they are right. But I really believed!

The son was then 11 years old. In order for the children's guardianship to allow us to sell the room, I asked the community to issue me a certificate, and they sent a certificate in which they promised that when we move to Siberia, they will help us buy a house there.

When I sold the room, immediately, abruptly after the sale, I could not leave for Minusinsk. It was necessary to settle the matter according to other documents.

And right by a fatal coincidence, it was at this time that Vissarion came to Moscow to preach. I didn’t sleep all night because of the excitement that I’ll see him tomorrow.

And I had this idea: while I cannot come, I will ask him to buy us a house or an apartment in Minusinsk, so that when we move, we already have somewhere to live. In the meantime, someone in need can live in this apartment. There are so many who have nowhere to live!

In this I saw my contribution to the common cause. So that at least temporarily someone lived there, who needs it. And then, if we make friends with these people, then we will continue to live together.

In general, I came to a personal meeting, to the apartment. Vissarion was with Vadim Redkin, this is his secretary.

I told everything, so and so, I want to move, but so far I can't, so I have money from the sold room - 7000 dollars. I sold not an apartment, but a room in a communal apartment. But in those days it was a lot of money.

And she gave the money to Vissarion, asking him to buy us a house or an apartment, she said that while we did not move, those in need could live in it. Here I was such a naive fool!

And they didn't say they wouldn't buy anything. Didn't ask if I had other money. They did not specify anything. It's just that Vadim first extended his hand and said: "Come on".

Vissarion did not clarify anything with me. If you clarified by asking if we understood correctly that you are giving us everything and agree to live a homeless person, then I would say that I do not agree to this!

In my eyes then they were holy people, wise, very pure, spiritual. I felt inferior to them.

I thought it would be enough to say that I needed a house and everything would be clear by itself. Moreover, I brought a certificate. The very fact that I gave everything already suggests that I had complete confidence in them. Well, I gave everything and went.

When we finally moved to Minusinsk, in March 1994, I went to Vissarion and Redkin, I said, where do we live now?

We were given addresses for life only for the first 5 months, and then for 14 years I myself was looking for shelter, my son and I also lived in sheds, spent the night in the woodsheds. We have changed more than 30 addresses!

We went to different villages. It was difficult to find those who could receive us, the rent was also temporary.

I was rushing about all the time, looking for, running, where to spend the night, begging us to accept, we dangled everywhere with the child...

Once we were wintering in the summer kitchen, there was no room for wintering in Siberia at all. There was no money, I carried firewood from the forest on a sled. Well, the chairman of the collective farm, Turchanov, helped with the firewood, brought it for one winter. And then no one ever helped us again. I was tormented like that all the time.

Sometimes it turned out to live in abandoned houses, where you already had to think about how to heat.

You, of course, ask the question - why didn't you go to the police, to the prosecutor's office right away?

I was afraid and that's it!

The whole environment said, if you go to complain, it means that you are a traitor, your whole fate will only change for the worse, and in general, you will go to hell. The soul will burn, you and the child will burn in hell. I don't know how to convey all this, in short, I was afraid!

The whole teaching is based on the fact that if you change yourself for the better, then your life will change for the better.

I changed myself intensively, I tried to notice everything. Every day I wrote down who I was jealous of, who said something harsh that I didn't think so ... Only if I see something negative, I immediately go to the meeting, I fall on my knees, I apologize, I confess that I thought this way, I talked frankly with everyone, discussed my shortcomings in order to only change myself...

Several times I was at a meeting with Vissarion, she said that we have nowhere to live. He said that the money should be returned, since I gave it away out of ignorance. But nothing was returned.

I spoke with Redkin many times, and with Vedernikov, he is the organizer of the church.

It is inhuman to take money, leave a child on the street to live and say that there is no money for a house! They had money for trips to resorts! There is a video on Facebook of him sailing on a yacht, with the whole family he went to Croatia for a vacation!

My son also went with me, Vissarion told him once, wait for a good uncle to help you...

How much I cried because my child was suffering, and still couldn't go to the police! I just don't know what to do now. Time is now lost!...

...Before coming here, my son was not registered with a psychiatrist, but after years of torment and attempts to survive, he was recognized as a disabled person in mental health . My son went to live with kind people, but they, taking all our money, did not buy him a house, although there would be enough money for several houses - the cost of a Moscow room!

After eight years of torment, we were returned one thousand, but it was impossible to buy a house for this, by that time there was a strong inflation.

And only after 14 years of wandering we were bought in the village of Kuragino a cheap old dilapidated house with a leaking roof and a rusty bathhouse. This is not even the point ... You see ... The son suffers so much! We were doomed to such torment...

Since I was a homeless person, it was impossible to get a job on a collective farm. There was no salary, no garden.

The child has not seen any dairy products for many years! He was never properly fed, only so that he would not die of hunger. Sometimes we ate one grain at all.

Once they gave us a bag of wheat, I grinded and made cakes.

I brought warm clothes with me, gradually changed them to food. Then these things ended.

I cannot convey in words all the spiritual heaviness from the feeling of guilt before my son, it is unbearably difficult for him to remain here after all the torments of homelessness, he wants to return to his native Moscow.

I ask the community to return everything that they took, deceiving trust, so that my son, as a disabled person, can buy comfortable housing.

Redkin wrote an open letter about me in the community newspaper No. 9, distorting the facts and keeping silent about the fact that we had been living without a home for 14 years and that I myself was looking for shelter.

Vissarion's guards won't let me talk to him.

Even if I cannot prove that when I gave the money, I asked to buy a house, it is still immoral to know that a single mother gave everything and after that she suffers with her child, looking for a place to sleep in the courtyards for many years!

My nervous system was exhausted from the worries, my son was forced to suffer and became disabled, and his suffering continues to this day.

Redkin said through G. Vasilkov that if I sign the text where it is written - I didn’t firmly ask to buy a house, when I gave the money, then they will publish an article about collecting money for me, and since I refuse to sign, then it means. I do not want to be collected.

In fact, they don't need my signature to collect money, they just want a lucrative document.

Redkin wrote the price of the house in dollars in the communal newspaper, so they wouldn't know that it was cheap, they bought it for 480 thousand rubles. The exchange rate is changing and in order not to get confused in the jumps in the dollar rate, it is easier to explain in rubles.

My room in Moscow in 1994 cost $ 8,000, and now it costs $ 58,000.

I gave 7 thousand, spent one thousand on warm things, which then had to be changed for food in order to survive.

Now in such a place and such a quality a room in Moscow costs several million rubles, and my house, in Kuragino, if sold, will be bought because of dilapidation, as a plot, at best, for 500 thousand rubles.

...Last autumn I submitted an application to the police, to the prosecutor's office. But you yourself understand, since 26 years have passed, it is very difficult to achieve something through the courts. Maybe even impossible.

While my documents regarding the initiation of a criminal case - that they deceived trust, this is how fraud is classified, they are also stuck in Moscow.

But, you know, it's very difficult to prove it. But you can interview all people... (crying)

The fact remains that they do not refuse that they took the money from me, they even wrote in their newspaper "Promised Land", No. 9, that they took it. And it turns out that they took it, but bought it only after 14 years. Even if I can't prove that I asked to buy a house, they still took the money. And they forced us to suffer, to be homeless. This is immoral and inhuman!

For all the torments that we have gone through, not that they should return the room to us, in an amicable way, they should buy us two apartments for all our torment...

Before God, before the Universe, before all people, I swear that I did not give this money, but gave it so that they could buy us a house.

I beg you, I beg you, people, act on this community so that they return everything they took from us! "

Full version of Olga Klimova's video message can be viewed here.

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