Maxim Shevchenko: "The situation with Alla Pugacheva will teach them a lesson"

Maxim Shevchenko: "The situation with Alla Pugacheva will teach them a lesson"

Maxim Shevchenko: "The situation with Alla Pugacheva will teach them a lesson"

20 September, 15:54
Public and political figure Maxim Shevchenko, on his YouTube channel, commented on the situation with Maxim Galkin, a recognized foreign agent in RF, and Alla Pugacheva, who appealed to the country's authorities in her profile on a social network banned in Russia with a call to include her in the foreign agents list.

“I have a question for the mind of political managers.

When you started the campaign against Galkin, did you think how Pugacheva would behave? Have you really convinced yourself that she is a demented old woman who lives in luxury somewhere abroad?

You did not know that this is a woman of incredible will, who is quite, as they say. I spoke on equal terms in the 1990s with very cool people. Who tried to run into her business, and she broke them on her knee?

Do you understand that Pugacheva really feels like a queen? And she doesn't have to prove anything.

And even if she is arrested and dressed in a camp uniform, she will still feel like one.

When you thought about hitting Galkin and harassing Galkin, did you think that Pugacheva would be silent? What is it like she's pretending with Galkin? And it turns out that - no.

And now we will see on which side the sympathies of the Russians will be.

On the side of the officials who declared war on Galkin and Pugacheva, or on the side of Pugacheva, who was not afraid to tell Solovyov, I will give you, Volodya, in the face when I return to Russia; who was not afraid to say about Mikhalkov that it would be better if you, Nikita Sergeevich, would make films like “Slave of Love”, and not lead your disgusting “Besogon”, which stains the souls and brains of people.

... Someone will say about her songs - these are songs, she just sings, but what she says is another matter!

And who can separate it in the information space?

People who shove actresses into United Russia, who buy actresses so that they campaign for it for everything ... Let's see who outweighs: Alla Pugacheva, under whom she has been born, loves, dances, lives, dies for half a century, you understand, the country is disintegrating …

Therefore, this is a question for the mind of those who started it.

And it matters not because I sympathize with them, it’s not, I think that they are doing just a criminal thing, splitting, pitting people in my country, splitting society, turning citizens against each other, putting markers, shameful and shameful.

The situation with Pugacheva will teach them a lesson: you will lose to Pugacheva.

Pugacheva doesn’t need to talk a lot, like me, Pugacheva can just write a few words and simultaneously sing the motive of her song - “I’m in the seventh row, and the same row, and the same place” (in the song “Maestro” it is sung “I’m in the eighth row, In the eighth row, recognize me, my maestro "- approx. "NI"), and you will see how people vote".

The full issue of Maxim Shevchenko can be viewed here .

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