TV convinces Russians that a big war is on the doorstep

TV convinces Russians that a big war is on the doorstep
TV convinces Russians that a big war is on the doorstep
20 October 2020, 10:16Society
Telepropagandists advise to urgently break off relations with Europe and take China as allies.

Sergey Mitrofanov

From which it is concluded that a big war is on the doorstep. Firstly, the West is conducting cool military exercises (however, we also conduct them on the border with the West). Secondly, everywhere the time of reaction and entry into the war has decreased (however, after our hyper-super-duper-missile, it also decreased slightly). And finally, Japan launched a good new submarine against Russia.

(* Which, obviously, will sail to Volgograd to sink the Mother Motherland there. This is ironic, if someone does not understand, but it has a reason, as you will see below. )

Now in Japan there are 16 submarines, and there will be as many as 22. Extremely dangerous! Peace on the eve of war! (* This is stated in the introduction by V. Solovyov 10/15/2020 )

True, I was not too lazy and went for help, but how many submarines does Russia have?

Here is this reference: “According to the materials presented to the public, the Russian Navy has 70 submarines. Of these: 14 nuclear-powered ballistic missiles: 10 at the Northern Fleet (SF) and 4 at the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet); 9 nuclear submarines with cruise missiles: 4 at the Northern Fleet and 5 at the Pacific Fleet; 19 multipurpose nuclear-powered ships: 14 at the Northern Fleet and 5 at the Pacific Fleet; 8 special purpose nuclear submarines - all at the Northern Fleet; 1 special purpose diesel submarine - at the Northern Fleet. 19 diesel submarines: 2 from the Baltic Fleet (BF), 2 from the Black Sea (Black Sea Fleet), 7 from the Northern Fleet, 8 - from the Pacific Fleet ”.

And somehow the world has not fallen into hysterics until now. However, a new Japanese submarine appeared - and Russia is hysterical, they are preparing to throw off lighters from roofs with tongs. According to the communist deputy Kalashnikov, (he recently suffered a covid), they set fire around us and something terrible is coming, “it smells like some kind of war, you know ...”. He is echoed in another program by HSE Professor of Political Science Dmitry Evstaviev. In his opinion, Russia will soon become an object of torn apart, and it is almost impossible to prevent this.

These dangers, however, have already been listed more than once. They really are. The instability of post-Soviet shards mired in corruption and electoral manipulation. The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan has deep historical roots. A new batch of Western sanctions due to the "hypothetical" poisoning of Navalny. Can we assume that someone is arranging this on purpose?

Propaganda clings to this version. But America clearly has nothing to do with it, it has an alibi, because there are elections, there Trump is the president, and they have no time for us. Europe also usually does not actively interfere in anything, it is such a calm whale. And the fact that the EU's public opinion expressed a sluggish "fairy" about the probable attempt to eliminate the oppositional politician No. 1 in Russia when approaching Tomsk, so Russia did not object to anything intelligible, but proudly decided to withdraw from the dialogue with the West altogether. The nail of the moment!

As for the instability in the post-Soviet Union, which the propagandists cry about, they themselves are to blame. Set up, you know, hybrid dictatorships! You can, of course, try again to accuse Gorbachev (which has been done more than once) for starting perestroika and democratization, thereby destroying the defensive circuit. But, let’s say, he wouldn’t start, but there would still be one hybrid dictatorship, peace and quiet, would the defensive circuit have survived, is it really our today's beacon?

(* Personally, I'm not sure that Gorbachev had such a choice at all, and your "one dictatorship" or your one "autocracy" would not have crumbled all the same from internal tensions.)

Indeed, the period of perestroika and the echo of perestroika is the most peaceful period on the planet (* read D. Petrov's - the lonely voice of man about Mikhail Gorbachev ), when it seemed to everyone that the very cause of the global conflict had been destroyed. And let's compare this period with the twenty years of collecting Slavic lands and restoring the USSR - here the war, obviously, has approached. In general, a lasting peace has so far been based on the alliance between Russia and the West, and if this alliance is destroyed, as Lavrov and Zakharova declare, then - oh!

However, in Russia, the political and propaganda class has become overly convinced of Brzezinski's theory of the Great Chessboard and their imperial destiny in geopolitics. Another thing is that when the time came to put these theories into practice (for example, in a war between an “ally” and a “strategic partner”), fear and confusion arose. For whom to "drown" - for "ally" or "partner"? What does the theory say about this?

The answer is silence. And then there is the "strategic partner" mirroring. You give him e2-e4, and he also gives you e2-e4. If you help Armenia (I would very much like to help), he will help Azerbaijan, and then he will build a NATO base “closer to the Russian border”. The cries of the propagandists "We will not let him build a NATO base" are unlikely to have an impact. And how can you not allow Azerbaijan to host the Turkish base if they have bilateral exclusive relations? As if on purpose, Erdogan also scoffs: he refused to recognize Crimea as Russian either. Like: what are you going to do to me? And he received the order from Ukraine. For non-recognition of Crimea ...

However, Turkey's base in Azerbaijan will force Armenia to provide military assistance in order to balance the situation, and this is what all the enemies want, according to TV, to drag in, weaken Russia in order to carry chestnuts with someone else's hands.

On the other hand, if you don’t help Armenia, then what good, and it will build a NATO base at home with the hands of ministers — Soros’s chicks, and Russia will be left without chestnuts at all. I would hate to, but how to prevent this?

So far, one must think, dirt is accumulating on Turkey. Just in case. Syrian militants appeared in the Karabakh conflict zone, so far presented exclusively in the form of 52 corpses handed over to their relatives. How did they get there? How did you arrive? Obviously, on Turkish transport, - says TV. But Erdogan refutes: what are you, we did not send anyone. Meanwhile, the red line from the bottom goes: "Moscow and Baku are bound by bonds of brotherhood, no force can influence this."

Even cooler - Syrian militants appeared ... near Volgograd, they were also presented on TV as corpses, no tongue, no witness. They allegedly wanted to blow up Mother Motherland, where did they find out about it? And then to seize the city administration in order to control housing and communal services. The FSB, naturally, prevented this by killing everyone.

"We are being used!" The thought of "General" Korotchenko: they shouldn't use us, we should use everyone. Therefore, we must mow from any brotherly help. And he proposed a roundabout maneuver to strike at Turkish Idlib in revenge, although he understands that nothing good will come of it. (* looks therefore upset )

An expert on all topics and subjects Abzalov advised with Turkey not to fight directly, but to negotiate a "unified power position." What does this mean - God knows, Abzalov also looks upset.

Philosopher-director Shaznazarov expresses the idea that dialogue with the West (after Navalny's poisoning) is not working. Partnership with NATO is an illusion of the 90s. Therefore, it is necessary to break with Europe, turn around and look for an adult friend / uncle in the East who will intercede. Which is, of course, China.

(* Somehow he does not take into account, in my opinion, that if the pro-Chinese "bulk" is poisoned in Russia, and this will surely happen someday, then China is unlikely to be as tolerant as the current European Union, which everyone is offended by . )

Liberal Sergei Stankevich is the only one who is trying to grope in his speech with Solovyov for something positive, peaceful, negotiable. But he speaks confusedly, and ... admires some formulations of Lavrov, and then utters this mysterious phrase: "The path to peace is the projection of national interests outside the country."

Christmas trees-sticks, I don't want to remember one German corporal who projected this way ...

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