Chinese scientists have revealed a new pathway for covid to enter the lungs

Chinese scientists have revealed a new pathway for covid to enter the lungs
Chinese scientists have revealed a new pathway for covid to enter the lungs
21 January 2021, 09:26SocietyPhoto:
A group of scientists from China found that the AXL tyrosine kinase receptor shows, in comparison with ACE2, a protein considered to be the main pathway for the spread of coronavirus in the body, overexpressed in respiratory tissues, which promotes the penetration of covid into cells.

Research scientists published in the publication Cell Research. The authors of the work explain that observations have shown that the expression of ACE2 is significantly higher in the digestive organs, and not in the respiratory tract. AXL, in the latter, is manifested much more actively and interacts with the N-domain of SARS-CoV-2.

During a laboratory experiment to study the path of penetration of a pseudotype and a natural sample of the new coronavirus, scientists selected 22 proteins and measured their levels in infected cells of the lungs and trachea.

Our results indicate that AXL may play an important role in the spread of viral infection in the human respiratory system and indicate that it is a potential target for future clinical intervention strategies. Disabling AXL significantly reduces SARS-CoV-2 infection in primary human lung epithelial cells, the authors of the experiment explained.

Meanwhile, in China itself, the number of people infected with coronavirus is growing. According to the State Health Committee of the People's Republic of China, 144 new cases of infection have been identified during the last 24 hours. 126 patients received the virus domestically, 18 came from abroad.

It's worth reminding that today in Russia about one and a half thousand mutations of the coronavirus have been identified. The Novosibirsk Institute "Vector" analyzes all strains of coronavirus found in Russia. In addition, there is a single database containing the results of research on COVID-19 mutations in foreign countries.

And scientists have been fighting over whether there is generally immunity from covid since the beginning of last year. Experts have different opinions about the presence and duration of immunity. While some experts insist that it will not be possible to obtain collective immunity in the near future, the Russian Ministry of Health declares that it is quite possible by July this year.

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