Victims in Shamsutdinov's case demand for him life imprisonment

Victims in Shamsutdinov's case demand for him  life imprisonment
Victims in Shamsutdinov's case demand for him life imprisonment
21 January 2021, 14:52SocietyPhoto:
The victims in the case of conscript soldier Ramil Shamsutdinov, who shot eight people in the military unit of Transbaikalia in October 2019, will seek the cancellation of the sentence and the transfer of the case for a new trial.

Today Ramil Shamsutdinov was sentenced to 24.5 years in prison in a strict regime colony.

The four victims do not agree with the fact that Shamsutdinov deserves leniency.

"This did not allow him to be sentenced to life. Our task is to achieve the cancellation of the verdict so that the case is sent for a new consideration by a different composition of the court”, - attorney Sergey Gritsko, representing the interests of the victims, explained to Interfax.

Ramil Shamsutdinov's lawyers also expressed their dissatisfaction with the verdict. They pointed to extenuating circumstances.

The father of the convicted conscript Salim Shamsutdinov told the publication "Podyom" that the sentence to his son gives "the green light to hazing".

- I expected that they would give 15 years, the biggest - 17. They generally held a show trial of some kind. After all, they have already proved that all the victims were guilty. He did not just shoot them - they beat him, mocked him ... But they did not take this into account. For some reason, the lawlessness in the army is covered up. I think they gave the green light to hazing and lawlessness, '' Salim Shamsutdinov is sure.

It's worth reminding that, in addition to imprisonment, the conscript was sentenced to pay a fine to the families of the victims in the amount of one and a half million rubles. Salim Shamsutdinov called this amount unrealistic.

"Where did he get that kind of money? He hasn't earned anything in life yet. Or do they think I will pay? I have 20 thousand monthly pension, I recently had a stroke. Let them wait for Ramil and then demand...", - he said.

Recall that the tragedy occurred on October 25, 2019 in the closed village of Gorny on the territory of military unit No. 54160. Shamsutdinov shot eight colleagues for bullying. Later, we note, the court sentenced to two years conditionally private Ruslan Mukhatov, who was accused of mocking soldiers, including Ramil Shamsutdinov.

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