Human rights activist: "Social monitoring" was created to pump money from the ill people

Human rights activist: "Social monitoring" was created to pump money from the ill people
Human rights activist: "Social monitoring" was created to pump money from the ill people
21 May 2020, 03:24Society
The program, which the Moscow authorities consider an achievement, is in fact a Kafka plan to fill the budget at a time when neither oil nor curbs bring the desired income.

Yelena Panfilova, a Russian public figure and human rights activist, wrote in her blog about the infamous Social Monitoring, introduced by the Moscow authorities during the quarantine, and which has become a kind of punitive tool:

“About the dehumanization of the institution.

I assumed that this is possible in principle, but it never crossed my mind that it would come out at a time when citizens, residents of the city and country need support, and the city and country need residents to trust institutions at least somehow, city and country governing.

Yes, we are talking about the very Social Monitoring. And about that very part of this program, which is about the control of the sick. The initial idea is clear: to make sure that the institutes of health care and sanitary and epidemiological control are sure that those who are sick comply with quarantine measures and do not spread the infection in cities and towns. OK.

But it turned out what happened: those who do not want to comply with quarantine - will not call a doctor, will not put themselves any application and will distribute everything that’s just about anywhere, anywhere. That is, for the stated purposes, this will not work.

But law-abiding citizens, the very ones whom the institution should pat on the head and take every care of, instead of this care get idiotic fines “for the lack of a night selfie” and for “leaving the quarantine place” when, for example, a person’s condition worsened , and he quickly goes to hospitalization.

The fact that technically this whole thing is crooked, oblique, crashes and is buggy is quite expected. Anyone who has watched at least for some time closely how, where and in whose hands funds and tasks are sent to us, this is all technical, technological and digital, starting with Electronic Russia one and two (probably, only I remember this a hurricane of "unprecedented generosity" with zero results), and everywhere else, I could not expect anything else. Everything is as always: "one broke, the second lost."

But the matter is not so much in the oblique program, and not even in the alleged horrors of the Big Brother is watching you in the toilet system: although this is also very unpleasant, I do not argue, but experts and lawyers are already discussing this in a better and more qualified way. The most disgusting thing is the lack of understanding by the institution and the people in it of what, in fact, they are doing by launching this thing.

And they introduce a punitive, in fact, regime for loyal citizens because they are simply ill. That is, they don’t get any gingerbread sick (maybe they rely on them, but somehow they almost don’t reach anyone): people call for hours at polyclinics, barely squeeze themselves directions to CT, fight with the system in order to find a way though to take out the trash and go for bread if the whole family got sick - there are a little more such stories than almost everything I hear from sick friends and acquaintances. Alas, at the expense of a hundred, there are tragic outcomes nearby, very close. And now people are fighting inside all this, and the only messages and messages that they receive from the institution are: oops, you are fined - you went to CT; oops, you’ve been fined - you had 39 at night, but you didn’t take a selfie; oops, you are fined - our gps has lost you in your apartment.

In general, it doesn’t occur to anyone that these fines will be paid not just by sick people, but very often by sick people who have already shed financially these months and lost income somewhere, and somewhere else - a source of income. That is, our precious institution, as it seems to itself, financially helped people, but in fact only helped those who fit into its idea of who needs help, and fines everyone.

It doesn’t occur to anyone that among those sick and under the supervision of a program are doctors and paramedics who have become infected while saving other people. And they, them too - fines and fines. Yes, for being sick. Apparently, it was necessary to save less actively.

It does not occur to anyone that now that people have massively learned how this works, many will be afraid to call a doctor so as not to be fined. And they themselves will hurt themselves quietly, be treated themselves, and this can lead to the most serious consequences: the disease, alas, is such that it can rapidly develop into the most monstrous forms literally for hours and days.

And it doesn’t occur to anyone at all that it’s better for sick people to get well and get back in service, taxpayers, not to be nervous, it’s better to be treated calmly without spending hours and days at the monitors of their gadgets, without studying hours of legal sites with Searching for information on how to fight off a fine for what you did not do.

Full game.

No logic, no empathy, no idea that after all this, citizens will think about this very institution. And I have bad news: they will think badly. Highly. And massively.

And one more thing: in the institution’s “non-thinking” manner, she designed this thing in such a way that a person subscribes to it himself (which you won’t sign when you are shitty), puts it to himself (if you can put it), and removes the person from it the institution itself. Then someday. And until that moment, until he removes it, a person - once again: a sick or just sick person, after whom a normal institution, if she appreciates this person as a voter and taxpayer, should run with rehabilitation and vitamins, will be fined.

And the thought creeps in, that this is this wild raking of penal money from sick people - this is not a mistake and stupidity, but quite a Kafka plan for filling the budget. And if oil and borders in the current moment do not bring the desired income, why not push it out of sick people.

Sharman, damn it. I have no words. However, words can only be with human people, but in our institution, it seems, there was not much human, and there wasn’t any left at all.

Well, and my quite gentle advice to the institution so far: cancel this system. No matter how much you spend on it there, no matter how proud you are, throw it away and forget it like a nightmare. She's all - a complete analogy of an antelope from the cartoon about the Golden Hoof. And there everything ended badly for the one who repeated: "more, more, more..."


Following up. An online rally against Social Monitoring, which the institute has no means of stopping or erasing (hi, Yandex cards!), Flares up at ArpStore.

The saddest thing is the answers of the "developer". Really - "blood from the eyes". People write them: I did not leave home, why I have a fine? And the response is: fines are set taking into account many factors... (AAAAA!!!) ...and - wish good health.

If anyone needs an illustration of how "the system is going out of control", then here it is.

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