Six Russian cities will be allowed to carry out international flights

Six Russian cities will be allowed to carry out international flights
Six Russian cities will be allowed to carry out international flights
21 July 2020, 14:59SocietyPhoto:
At the initial stage of the resumption of the international flights, it will be possible to fly abroad from the airports of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don and Vladivostok.

Such a proposal was sent to the government by the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko, Izvestia reports.

The airports were selected by geography. In each of the macro-regions, one large air harbor was defined, and in Moscow, all three airports will be able to serve international flights.

Rospotrebnadzor (Russian agency for health and consumer rights) initiated the limitation of the number of airports. The department thus decided to reduce the risks of the spread of coronavirus infection in the country. The next stage involves monitoring the situation by both Rospotrebnadzor and the Federal Air Transport Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is planned to send lists of countries to the government once every two weeks, where Russians can fly from any international airport in the country.

According to Viktor Gorbachyov, General Director of the Civil Aviation Airport Association, opening only six airports for international flights is unfair.

- It will be necessary for the whole region to gather and fly, for example, to Novosibirsk. The locals will only clap their hands and say "thank you" for the fact that they will fly more. People will pay double the price for this. They will have to get to Novosibirsk, and then fly somewhere further. On behalf of the Airports Association, I believe that this is the wrong approach, - Gorbachyov said in an interview with Sputnik radio.

At the same time, he noted that participants in the air transportation market and owners of air harbors are waiting for the early opening of international flights.

- Everyone is waiting for the start of international flights like manna from heaven. Today, like it or not, it is 45% of the volume of all air transportation. We cannot cover such a number of international ones with domestic transportations, the expert stated.

When air links with other states are restored on August 1, those airports that were not included in the list of domestic hubs will be able to receive flights from abroad no earlier than mid-month.

Meanwhile, the Russians, as it turned out, do not need official permission to fly to some countries in order to spend their holidays at their usual resorts. Those wishing to get to Egypt and Turkey fly through Belarus, which did not close borders.

Let us remind you that you can fly abroad from mid-June only if you fly to work, study, or visit sick relatives.

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