FSB Major General Lobachev found dead in Moscow

FSB Major General Lobachev found dead in Moscow
FSB Major General Lobachev found dead in Moscow
21 July, 15:20SocietyPhoto: Медиахолдинг1Mi
On the landing of a house on Kachalinskaya Street in the center of Moscow, the security forces found a retired FSB Major General Yevgeny Lobachev dead.

According toTASS , citing a law enforcement source, the deceased suffered from a serious illness.

The security forces believe that the 76-year-old general could have committed suicide, but the investigators did not find a suicide note at the scene of the incident.

The incident is under investigation.

Earlier it was reported that in recent years a whole wave of suicides of people suffering from cancer has swept across Russia. Some of them voluntarily passed away, unable to endure the inhuman suffering caused by a serious illness and the lack of adequate medical care.

So, in 2015, the ex-deputy head of the Sverdlovsk railway, Ivan Kamenev, committed suicide . The general, who survived the Great Patriotic War, could not do anything when the doctor simply refused him painkillers.

Before that, in 2014, a whole wave of suicides took place in the country: in February, according to journalists' estimates, eight pensioners in Moscow alone took their own lives due to pain in two weeks, and in April Rear Admiral Apanasenko committed suicide in the capital. After that, a sharp discussion broke out in society about the problems of euthanasia and the need to humanize palliative care for terminally ill people.

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