Doctors denied the presence of poison in the body of Navalny

Doctors denied the presence of poison in the body of Navalny
Doctors denied the presence of poison in the body of Navalny
21 August 2020, 13:09Society
The studies carried out to date have not revealed any poisons in the blood and urine of Alexey Navalny, said Anatoly Kalinichenko, the head physician of the Omsk emergency hospital No. 1. Navalny's condition remains unstable.

- No poisons were found in the blood and urine. We do not believe that the patient suffered from poisoning. We practically have a complete diagnosis with complications. The patient's condition is currently unstable. In the intensive care unit, intensive care continues. The opinion of the council - transportation is impossible, - quotes the words of Kalinichenko "Gorod 55".

The doctor clarified that the tests continue to be carried out both in Omsk and in Moscow.

Navalny's wife and representatives of the politician met with the chief physician of the City Clinical Emergency Hospital No. 1, who told them the oppositionist's diagnosis.

Встреча жены Алексея Навального и его представителей в кабинете главного врача БСМП -1. Во главе стола - главврач БСМП-1 Александр Мураховский
Photo:Министерство здравоохранения Омской области

- We told the wife and brother the diagnosis orally. Currently, the patient's condition is unstable, - said the deputy head physician.

Meanwhile, a medical plane from Germany is awaiting Navalny at Omsk airport. The board must take him to one of the German clinics.

Earlier, a spokesman for Navalny Cyrus Yarmish told that the body of the policy is detected poison, dangerous to others.

On the eve of the telegram channel Baza reported that Navalny could have been poisoned with sodium oxybutyrate. Sodium oxybutyrate can have an exciting or depressing effect on the nervous system. It causes depression of consciousness up to coma.

In 2019, Alexey Navalny was already hospitalized in connection with an alleged poisoning in a Moscow special detention center. In 2017, an unknown person threw an antiseptic on Navalny's face. Due to a chemical burn in his right eye, Navalny almost went blind and was forced to undergo surgery.

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