The head doctor of the Omsk hospital recognized Navalny as non-transportable

The head doctor of the Omsk hospital recognized Navalny as non-transportable

21 August 2020, 10:32SocietyPhoto: ТАСС
The chief physician of the emergency hospital №1 in Omsk said that the condition of Alexey Navalny is unstable. The relatives' decision is not enough to transfer the oppositionist to another hospital.

This was reported by the press secretary of Navalny Kira Yarmysh, referring to the words of the head physician.

She also pointed out that the oppositionist had never been diagnosed.

- The doctors stopped communicating normally. “Not transportable”, that's all, FBK director Ivan Zhdanov wrote on Twitter.

Let us recall that a specially equipped plane took off from Germany to Omsk to transport the politician.

- The plane is already in the air, we have all the necessary Russian documents from 00:35 (1:35 Moscow time), and we hope that tomorrow morning Alexei can be transported so that we can deliver him directly to Berlin, - the human rights activist told Bild Jake Bizilge.

Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron expressed concern over the situation with Navalny.

"What is especially important now is to immediately start an investigation into how such a situation could arise. We will insist on this”, - Merkel said the day before.

In addition, Moscow doctors intend to hold a consultation in Omsk today about Navalny's condition.

Let us remind that the politician felt bad during the flight from Tomsk to Moscow. The board made an emergency landing in Omsk, Navalny was hospitalized, after which he slipped into a coma.

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