Mortality from COVID-19 in Russia reached 317 people per day

Mortality from COVID-19 in Russia reached 317 people per day
Mortality from COVID-19 in Russia reached 317 people per day
21 October 2020, 11:48SocietyPhoto: Сноб
For the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Russia, over three hundred people have died from the coronavirus per day, this is the official anti-record of the year.

The previous maximum was recorded on October 15, when 286 people died. According to Kommersant , citing data from the headquarters, the total number of deaths has reached 24,952.

"Most of the deaths per day in Moscow - 63 (total 6121), in St. Petersburg - 49 (3509), in the Rostov region - 13 (690)", - said in the message.

According to the Stopcoronavirus portal, the number of daily infections in the country has reached 15,700, and the total number of those infected is 1,447,335. According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of people infected with coronavirus has exceeded 40 million. More than 1 million people have died. The maximum mortality rate was recorded in the United States, where 221 thousand people became victims of the virus, 154 thousand in Brazil, 115 thousand in India, 86 thousand in Mexico, and 44 thousand in the UK.

Russia is in 13th place in the number of deaths from the virus. Meanwhile, former demographer Alexey Raksha, who was fired from Rosstat, said that the data of the headquarters on mortality from coronavirus are greatly underestimated, and they "need to be multiplied by three". Underreporting of mortality rates is recorded every month. If in July the headquarters reported 4522 deaths, then Rosstat - 10371.

At the same time, the coronavirus was named the main cause of death in only 6084 people, and the death of the remaining 4287 patients was explained by the presence of other diseases. In June, when the headquarters announced 4,681 deaths, Rosstat had data on 12,335 victims, but only 7317 of them had coronavirus as the cause of death. According to experts, in total for April-August, Rosstat recorded almost 46 thousand deaths from coronavirus, which is twice as much as the daily statistics of the headquarters.

Meanwhile, analysts pay attention to the so-called "excess mortality". The number of Russians who died this year turned out to be 115 thousand higher than a year earlier. Considering the size of the population, the real mortality rates in our country correspond to the "outrageous" indicators of Great Britain and Spain, where statistics are not hidden. At the same time, according to the demographer, Rosstat sends real data on mortality to the government every day in the form of a classified report. And "for everyone else" the real figures are disclosed with a delay of a whole month, while the publication of data, as a rule, occurs late on Friday evening so that no one will notice. Experts believe that in real terms, the excess death rate from coronavirus in Russia per capita will be the highest in Europe.

Earlier, analyst Leonid Volkov has also repeatedly stated the discrepancy between published and real data on mortality from coronavirus in Russia, who drew conclusions based on public mathematical calculations. In addition to him, the mayor of Norilsk Rinat Akhmetchin and political analyst Dmitry Nekrasov made public statements about the underreporting of statistics on coronavirus.

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