Coronavirus, the breadwinner: how scammers gain profit from the vaccination

Coronavirus, the breadwinner: how scammers gain profit from the vaccination
Coronavirus, the breadwinner: how scammers gain profit from the vaccination
22 January 2021, 18:58Society
Domestic attackers have already come up with several ways to make money on both supporters and opponents of vaccinations.

Cases of fraud with coronavirus vaccines are reported by the Svinkini Financy (Piggy Finances - noted by the ed.) channel:

"Be careful! For many months now, the world and Russia have been battling the coronavirus pandemic. In autumn, in test mode, and in December, already in a working format, vaccination began in our country.

Some of the Russians want to be vaccinated, some don't. Of course, this is everyone's personal business. But scammers are already trying to cash in on those who do not mind getting vaccinated. However, as well as those who categorically do not want to be vaccinated.

Recently, anyone in Moscow with a compulsory medical insurance policy can be vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine free of charge in the city polyclinic. But other Russian and imported vaccines are currently not available to the general public. And in other regions and on "Sputnik" it is not always possible to sign up - long queues or some other problems.

What did the scammers come up with?

1. Selling vaccines in non-existent online stores

Pfizer, Moderna, other imported or domestic vaccines. Gullible citizens pay for the order on the site, and as a result, there is no vaccine delivery.

Please note that these vaccines must be stored under special conditions. Not every clinic can afford it. For example, Pfizer is stored at temperatures below minus 70 degrees.

2. Getting a subsidy to buy a vaccine.

They do not have time to vaccinate everyone for free, so Russians can get a subsidy and get vaccinated at a paid clinic, to receive money, enter your card number and confirm the operation. Looks like a cheap "scam" right away? Alas, the criminals deceive someone anyway.

Imagine, there are even people who believe banners in social networks like "All Russians are entitled to compensation of 15,000 rubles from Putin and Sberbank, enter the card number to credit the payment".

3. Sale of a certificate of vaccination or some other false documents

So far, no country in the world accepts a vaccination certificate or other proof of vaccination as a guarantor of anything. Somewhere for entry, a corona virus test is required, but even there they do not take a certificate instead.

Within Russia, these certificates do not give anything either, do not cancel the requirements for wearing masks, do not remove other inconveniences from life. And nevertheless, the trade in fake vaccination documents continues, and they cost not the conditional 500 rubles, like a certificate to the pool, but more.


Meanwhile, the head of the Safe Internet League Yekaterina Mizulina said that in the first two weeks of 2021 alone, more than a thousand fakes and announcements related to coronavirus were recorded, that is, more than 100 messages a day, and a significant part of them is devoted to the sale of fake certificates of the absence of COVID. ...

And the deputy head of Roskachestvo Ilya Loevsky warns against clicking on links in messengers, on ads on social networks and search engines to dubious sites advertising certificates or vaccines from COVID, and even more so from paying online for them.

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