Expert: "If the regions will "flare" the situation with coronavirus gets out of control"

Expert: "If the regions will "flare" the situation with coronavirus gets out of control"
Expert: "If the regions will "flare" the situation with coronavirus gets out of control"
22 April 2020, 10:24SocietyPhoto:
Russia will not rise within the list of the countries with the largest number of coronavirus infected citizens if it succeeds in restraining the situation in the regions, said the associate professor of the Department of Economic Statistics of the Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanova Olga Lebedinskaya.

On April 21, Russia entered the top ten countries with the largest number of coronavirus patients with an indicator of 47 121 people, this follows from the data of the University of Hopkins. Now there are even more infected - 52 736 people. On the ninth line of the list is China, where 83,853 cases of infection are registered. Most of all cases in the USA - 788 920 people.

According to the expert, regional authorities can help to not rise higher in the list of Russia if they manage to contain the epidemic on the ground.

- If the government manages to keep the situation in this proportion: 70% - Moscow and the region, and 30% - the regions, then our rating will not rise. If the subjects “flare”, then the situation may get out of control. It is very important to keep our granaries, which are now to be sown, it is important to keep both the north (mining entities) and the entities in which the military-industrial complex is developed, RIA Novosti quotes Lebedinskaya.

The expert pointed out that in Russia the average indicator of the number of infected COVID-19 per thousand population is 0.29. In Spain, this figure is 4.23, in Italy - 2.96, the United States - 2.31. In Moscow and Moscow region, the figure is significantly higher than in the country - 1.46.

- Our territorial distribution of the population, those formed agglomerations, which until recently we scolded for imbalances in the economy, so far inhibit the spread of the virus. To a large extent, this is facilitated by the restriction on movement by transport, ”Lebedinskaya noted.

Meanwhile, outbreaks of coronavirus in various institutions are observed in Russian regions - for example, in the Jewish Autonomous Region 43 people were infected at once in the FSIN facility, in Belgorod - 16 patients and nine oncology clinic physicians, and 89 patients and eye center employees became ill with coronavirus in Krasnoyarsk . In addition, outbreaks of the disease were recorded in a psychiatric hospital in the Arkhangelsk region, as well as in several large hospitals in Komi and Bashkiria.

The situation with coronavirus in correctional facilities and in public health institutions has been sounding the alarm for a long time. Members of the Russian Presidential Human Rights Council (HRC) supported the “emergency amnesty” project in connection with the pandemic. Note that in a number of countries prisoners have already begun to amnesty because of the coronavirus, while in Russia the authorities have not yet made such a decision. The HRC said that it was necessary to release those prisoners for whom the sentence was changed to a lighter one, subject to all medical checks and other formalities. Human rights activists noted that due to quarantine, the mechanism of parole does not work in the courts, while the epidemiological situation in correctional institutions is deteriorating.

As for medical institutions, physicians throughout the country declare the absence of basic means of protection - masks, gloves, suits. Doctors warned that they had to analyze patients with suspected COVID-19 as virtually unprotected, and therefore there was a high risk of infection for themselves and other patients. Doctors of St. Petersburg, Altai , Ivanovo Oblast and other regions appealed for help.

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