"Pay to ..." Moscow teachers send extortionate SMS to 10-year-old children

"Pay to ..." Moscow teachers send extortionate SMS to 10-year-old children
"Pay to ..." Moscow teachers send extortionate SMS to 10-year-old children
22 April 2020, 01:09Society
“Pay by March 30” - almost 2 000 families received such SMS messages. The amount in receipts was doubled. According to NI estimates, the post-secondary education supervisor at school No. 1788 “made a mistake” by 4 million rubles.

Who made teachers become collectors, and how many of the 750 metropolitan schools do such practices exist?

Oleg Goryunov

At the end of March, SMS notifications with receipts of payment for additional education began to come from the school headed by the director A. Ezdov.

Demands to urgently pay off debts began to be received not only by parents, but also by their children, and in some families only children.

Minors received SMS directly during distance learning.

Moreover, an agreement on the provision of paid additional education is concluded between the child’s parents and the school, and not between the school and the child ...

So was the school entitled to do so?

Коллекторское смс, направленное 12-летней девочке № 1
Коллекторское смс, направленное 12-летней девочке № 2
Коллекторское смс, направленное 12-летней девочке № 3

According to the lawyer of the Moscow Arbat College of Lawyers, Dmitry Firsov, she did not have:

"There are details of the notification of the parties to the contractual relationship. They are indicated in the contract. Sending SMS to other numbers is not a proper notification of the parties."

For a 12-year-old student of school No. 1788, psychological SMS pressure was exerted for several days. The girl knew that her parents were experiencing financial difficulties, and did not dare to talk about duty for a circle of fine arts with her father and mother.

And then, finally, the art teacher himself, Ruslan Viktorovich Kasyanov, phoned this girl’s dad.

The teacher turned out to be a very courteous person who understands the difficulties that Muscovites face during the period of forced self-isolation:

"I understand the situation. I don’t understand anything, just understand that I closed the circle, and THEY demand settlement and that's it. Additional education requires, Elena Mikhailovna Ivanova demands. I only receive 40% of what you pay - it’s everywhere. Sorry."

The principal of school No. 1788 claims that Ruslan Kasyanov receives 60%, a quote from a letter from Alexander Ezdov:

"... in the" Studio of Drawing and Painting "60% of the income goes to the teacher’s salary."

The difference in the "testimony" is considerable - 20%.

Who is telling the truth?

The author of this article spoke on the phone with Elena Ivanova, the supervisor of pre-education at school No. 1788:

- He (the head of the circle of fine arts - approx. The author of the article) receives a salary from the department, but additional education is a different salary - he receives a salary from your payments. We do not knock out salaries for Ezdov. We knock out the salary for the teacher.

“If you are so kind, why does the teacher receive only forty percent, and the school - 60, why don't you pay him 60, and 40 to the school?”

- Not I decide. This is decided by the director, he establishes such rules. He just gets interest.

So, the superintendent of education did not only confirm the words of the teacher of fine arts, but also said that the principal of school No. 1788 receives some percentage from paid tuition.

We asked Alexander Anatolyevich whether he really receives interest, but the director did not consider it necessary to answer.

According to NI, each director of a Moscow school receives in the form of a monthly supplement from 3 to 4 percent of the total amount of income from additional education received for the previous year.

On average, this monthly supplement, according to the former director of school No. 113, Davor Tuba, ranges from 200 to 300 thousand rubles:

“The system built by I. Kalina motivates the director to pump money out of her parents’ pockets, even in the most difficult time for the country and parents. The school director himself receives a certain percentage of the organization of paid services at the school. In the Moscow education system, this is called a monthly“ surcharge ” .

In the case of school No. 1788, it is easy to calculate how much a monthly supplement to the principal can amount to - about half a million rubles a month.

In this school "Depending on the program of additional education, 3 to 37 children study in circles. There are 65 paid circles in the school."

Davor Tuba, a former principal of school No. 113, who, incidentally, was asked to write a letter of resignation only because he made public the state of emergency (an eighth-grader beat a teacher - approx. The author of the article) claims that all directors do this, and he also did so , only the interest was distributed in a different way:

“We had it like this: 70% to the teacher, and 30% to the school. I gave vacation time to another. 30% to the state. From 1 million rubles I had 10% for development. This was given to the schools for holidays. This is not a subsidy, not targeted and this article can be spent on anything. Payments come from February 1. This is called "surcharge", it is monthly. Next year surcharge can be half as much if you don’t pay - what difference does it make (Ezdov AA - comment of the author of the article), what is coronavirus in the country? "

Well, yes - what really makes a difference?

By the way, about payments: the parents of the sixth grader, whom we wrote about, first received a payment of 5 thousand rubles for February and March, but when they refused to pay, a payment of 3,126 rubles came. The dispatcher E. Ivanova made a mistake the second time - she counted the occupation during the holidays, and according to the contract, she had no right to do this. That is, the payment should be 2.5 thousand rubles.

If most parents automatically paid the first payment, then the "left" income of the school amounted to more than 4 million rubles, and then about 2 thousand families were deceived ...

Meanwhile, Moscow schools No. 113 and 1788, and during the period of self-isolation of schoolchildren, are already thinking about how to continue to receive money for paid circles.

New Director of School No. 113 Laptunova O.A. even during a pandemic, forced self-isolation of children and parents, some of which were left without means of subsistence, these days suggests "thinking" about the transition to distance education. And who after this will say that only the rumor about invention is strong? At school No. 1788, led by A. Yezdov, they also thought of this:

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