Dr. Myasnikov stated that doctors don't lie about coronavirus mortality statistics

Dr. Myasnikov stated that doctors don't lie about coronavirus mortality statistics

22 May 2020, 10:44SocietyPhoto: youtube.com/
Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov said he did not know the reason for the low mortality from coronavirus in Russia. He recalled that he already called the situation with mortality from COVID-19 a Russian miracle.

Myasnikov said that he had in mind not only Russia, but also other countries of the former USSR.

- If we find out what’s the matter, then maybe the whole world will find a medicine or weapon against COVID-19.” Something is here, I don’t know what. Maybe this is BCG, maybe our microbiome, the level of vaccination, - Myasnikov said in an interview with Vladimir Solovyov.

The doctor noted that “they do not play with statistics” in Russia.

- We do not play with statistics, we initially had very strictly with this. “I think we have even more reevaluation of covid than underestimation", - the doctor admitted.

He also added that, unlike Western countries, in Russia there is an opportunity not to overload hospitals with infections.

“Our hospital beds are dispersed, there are much more per capita than in Europe, so we can disperse patients at different sites without creating nosocomial infection”, - Myasnikov explained.

In addition, Myasnikov called a possible cause of low mortality from COVID-19 in Russia that there are few nursing homes in the country, such as in Italy. But mortality is "ten times smaller," according to the doctor, this can not explain.

We recall that earlier Myasnikov said that perhaps seven million people have already been ill with the coronavirus in Russia.

To date, 317 554 cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in Russia. As of May 21, the increase in detected cases amounted to 8,849. Over the entire period of pandemics, 3,099 people died from coronavirus.

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