The Accounts Chamber proposed to change the wage system for state employees

The Accounts Chamber proposed to change the wage system for state employees

22 December 2020, 10:20SocietyPhoto:
Auditors of the Accounts Chamber identified shortcomings in the system of remuneration of workers in the public sector. They called for a review of the approaches to the system.

One of the shortcomings found by the auditors is the decentralization of payment. Since 2005, a different system for calculating and paying salaries has been used at the federal and regional levels. Therefore, they point out in the Accounts Chamber, the salaries of employees holding the same position can differ sharply from region to region.

"So, the recommended salary of a librarian in the Tambov region is 9359 rubles, and in the Perm region - 2755 rubles. As a result, this led to unreasonable differentiation in the amount of salaries of state employees and significantly hampered the implementation of decrees for a number of entities", - experts clarify.

The average salary in the country rose to the designated level in only five of the 12 categories. In the first six months of this year, target values in four categories were not achieved, the auditors emphasize.

"For a number of categories, failure to achieve targets is systemic. For example, for junior medical staff and social workers, they were achieved only once", - noted in the Accounts Chamber.

At the same time, the Accounts Chamber believes that the May 2012 decrees contributed to the growth of wages of state employees, as well as its fair regulation. But the rise in wages is accompanied by cuts. For example, the auditors point out, referring to the data of Rosstat, the number of junior medical personnel in 2013-2019 decreased by 61.3%, social workers - by 32.6%. The total number in all categories stipulated by the decrees decreased by 14.5%.

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