Jokes aside: TV predicts us the “Bible hunger”

Jokes aside: TV predicts us the “Bible hunger”
Jokes aside: TV predicts us the “Bible hunger”
23 April 2020, 18:16Society
Domestic television propagandists began to frighten the viewer with the catastrophic consequences of a pandemic

Observed a strange phenomenon. On Monday, the TV just shone with optimism: “Hooray, we go to the plateau!” And since Tuesday he again began to swear with catastrophism.

Sergey Mitrofanov

At first everything was very good. In Russia, the lowest mortality from a pandemic is 2.14 casualties per million people as of April 20. In Denmark, the children went to school. European countries are emerging from self-isolation. In Berlin, a rally against quarantine. Anti-quarantine rallies also take place in Texas. Even the head of the second half of the Union State, Old Man Lukashenko, doubts that there is a pandemic already coming to naught and calls for fatalists to remain: "What can be done, not to be avoided," for some reason sliding into fatalism. Many, according to him, rushed from the temple out of fear, since a certain crowding is formed in it, but on the contrary, God will help everyone in the temple.

Of course, we are ironic in our last statement. As well as in general to the idea of the Union State. But in Sweden they judged in the same way as Lukashenko: what to do, not to be avoided, collective immunity must be developed. He who dies will die, but the rest will breathe, exhale and go on to their own.

Antihuman? If in a book to reason, then yes. But the politics of large numbers comes from another. When a warlord plans a victorious offensive, he naturally lays down on his losses as well. There is no victory without loss.

The important thing, however, is not this, but the fact that on Monday we went to this victory, and it seemed to be visible from the numbers. Moreover, the victory over the virus was even evidenced by the fact that the ever-present “degradation of Ukraine” returned to the agenda - it again went to the third mandatory unit. So they said: Since we are again convicting Ukraine, then life is returning to its usual course. But on Tuesday, the TV played back.

“We thought we were on a plateau, but he wasn’t.”

Terrible shots: 16 pages of the American newspaper are filled only by obituaries. (True, this may be such a newspaper in general.) Refrigerated trucks with corpses again. Two Chinese doctors recovered, but for some reason they turned black like blacks. Wow! The virus, in other words, is capable of harming over a long distance and waiting for us from the most unexpected side. Now we wake up one day with the Chinese, what will we do?

The television was again filled with catastrophism, although in terms of numbers, to be honest, no particular catastrophism was noticeable. And what a catastrophism! There will also be a second wave of a pandemic, but this is not the worst part. The trouble is ahead. A senior WHO official suddenly announced that the planet would soon face ... "Bible hunger."

How not to discuss Bible hunger? Even expert of all subjects, Abzalov admitted: the food security situation is really fig. “We are most likely to step forward from quarantine.”

Here Skabeeva could not stand it: “Of course, we intimidate people to sit at home, but we don’t need so that, according to the results of our program, viewers would go out the window.”

A ray of light, however, was seen in such words by a WHO official, which, however, no one paid attention to. Biblical famine will come, it turns out, not because the food runs out, but because the retail chains do not have working capital left to deliver the food to you. (Well, this is how lemons suddenly ran out in Moscow - this does not mean that lemons ran out on the planet.)

If this interpretation is correct, then it seems that we will be able to deal with biblical hunger. And you don’t eat a lot of lemons.

TV and Lenin

April 22 was the birthday of the leader of the proletariat Vladimir Lenin. At the same time, the BBC website published the most complementary article in relation to it, while the most derogatory ones were published by the national press, the leader’s homeland.

And the TV decided to sink Lenin perfect in an original way - through Ukraine.

Already in that Lenin, it turns out, is a radish that insisted on the formation of a separate sovereign state - Ukraine, and now, hell, insisted! And Lenin laid a mine under the USSR, dividing it according to national characteristics, which is why it later crumbled according to national characteristics.

In fact, this, of course, is a very stupid interpretation, which many Lenin researchers have shown us, as well as the intellectually poor idea that nationalism is bad in all cases. In the article “Paradoxes of Zuleikhs,” columnist of “Novye Izvestia” Alina Vitukhnovskaya, for example, reported that, on the contrary, the Leninist model of the state helped to get out of the storm of the 90s: “When in the late 80s of the last century, things went to the collapse of the USSR, national identity was a modern and adequate way of relatively safe and controlled withdrawal of newly formed states in the international legal field. ” What, in fact, continues to happen to Ukraine today, and to which Russia, with the help of the "Russian world", is in every way interfering.

But then comes the amazing propaganda somersault. De-communization is continuing in Ukraine and “the father of the current sovereign Ukraine is being demolished everywhere from the pedestals, and the Ukrainians are reproaching for this.

Well, of course, if the Ukrainians appreciated Lenin from this perspective, then the TV would have come up with something else. But the argument is interesting: "Since you are demolishing Lenin, then you are demolishing the Dnieper hydroelectric station!" Well, why on earth ??? In what crazy head such ideas arise? Ahhh, in the head of the telecociologist from pro-Russian Ukraine Evgeny Kopatko.

Or: "You must honor your History, therefore you cannot fight with monuments." This is generally a commonplace.

And this follows from what? We want to put monuments - we put, we want to clean - we remove. The revolution of 1917 began with the fact that they gouged the capital monument to Tsar Alexander III. If the monuments play the role of propaganda windows of the past regime, then why not remove them? It is unlikely that we would be pleased if all the “workers and collective farmers”, “Dzerzhinsky” and “Beria”, as well as “women with an oar” and “frost pavliks” remained in the same numbers in our streets. So in Ukraine they do not want this. They have a right.

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