The head office of the hospital in Derbent was removed from office for the treatment of nurses in the back room

The head office of the hospital in Derbent was removed from office for the treatment of nurses in the back room

23 April 2020, 17:43SocietyPhoto:
After it became known about the treatment of sick nurses in the utility room for storing laundry in the city hospital of Derbent, the head doctor dismissed the head of the infectious diseases department, and his deputy for medical work and the infectious disease specialist received reprimands.

It is reported by Interfax with reference to the press service of the regional Ministry of Health.

As the agency was told in the agency, the incident became known after the video appeared on the infragram, in which six nurses are lying under the droppers in the laundry storage room.

After the verification, which confirmed the fact that "the nurses were self-medicating", the head of the infectious diseases department was dismissed and reprimanded to the hospital staff.

According to the representative of the Dagestan Ministry of Health, the sick nurses who were on the video did not work with patients with coronavirus, they were employees of the department for patients with viral diseases, and patients infected with coronavirus were placed in another hospital department, which was isolated.

"These ARVI nurses. They underwent computed tomography. They did not find any signs of viral pneumonia or other changes characteristic of coronavirus," the source said.

To date, 417 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Dagestan, 11 people have died, 43 have recovered.

Now a number of Russian hospitals are quarantined together with physicians and patients infected with coronavirus. Only in Bashkiria at the moment 11 hospitals are completely quarantined. One of them is the largest republican clinical hospital named after Kuvatov in Ufa, where infection is immediately suspected in 170 patients and doctors. Earlier, seven doctors escaped from it after announcing the closure of the facility for quarantine.

Today, April 22, the President of the National Medical Chamber, surgeon Leonid Roshal denied this information. According to him, out of the seven “runaways” reported by the media, there were only five hospital employees, and only two of them were radiologists who left the medical facility, who, according to Roshal, can be considered a doctor. And then, as he believes, they "might not have heard that day the oral order to close the quarantine hospital, which was made in the afternoon."

Meanwhile, in the regions, doctors often refuse to work in conditions of the spread of coronavirus. Messages about this come from the Altai Territory, Karelia, the Rostov Region and other entities. The reason for dismissal is the fear of contracting a coronavirus, working without the necessary personal protective equipment.

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